Friday, November 12, 2021

November 12, 2021

 November 12th

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Our furry friend are settling in for cozy rainy day!

Ben decided that today was not a good day to go outside! Instead, he spent the day trying out other cats' beds! Every time, I see him he is in a different condo!

Cleo is such a ham! She loves the snuggles and is always down for a good head scratch! 

Fifa loves her condo! Everyday, she choses a different place to nap!

George has loved exploring this morning! He has been to every corner of the office and then decided to go to back to his condo for an afternoon nap!

Hana has decided stay in on this rainy afternoon! She loves to snuggle down and have an afternoon nap! I am very envious - rainy day naps are the best!

Jake does not care about the rain! He decided that he loves the catio too much to try inside!

Jules is the king of the top of the stairs! He loves watching everyone while looking great from the top!

Kashi is very cuddling in front of the heating vent! He has prime restate and he knows it!

Kitten is off and exploring! She checking out every nook and corner! 

Lana del Rey looks amazing in that first photo! She was ready for her photo shoot and she is working it! Other than looking fabulous, she has been exploring a lot today! She loves visiting other condos!

Mabel was feeling shy today! She decided to spend the day napping! She is always done for a head scratch! 

Mango has been super cute today! I could not choose just two photos! He was being very playful this morning! 

Obi loves a good head scratch! He is always there to greet everyone who comes through our doors! He is the best greeter at the door! 

Olive is in love with the window seats! Every morning she head straight to her favorite one and she stays there for most of the morning!

Patrick loves the attention! He is not afraid to ask when it is time for us to pay attention to him!

Penny wasn't interested in chatting with me today! She wanted to settle down for a good rainy day nap! 

Smudge is settling in well! She loves to snuggle almost as much as she loves to play and explore! 

Tana is where you would expect! She is in her favorite basket with her favorite blue lights! She likes the way that they back light her in these photos!

Yuki loves a good head scratch almost as much as she loves her basket on a rainy day! She did a lot of exploring yesterday so she has not been as keen today! 

Cat Fun Fact! “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Have a great weekend! 

We see you all on Sunday!



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