Friday, November 19, 2021

November 19th, 2021

 November 19th, 2021

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delayed blog - we had internet issues yesterday. I couldn't do anything online after about 10am! The good news is, I have lots of cute pictures from what the kitties got up to yesterday, and we'll be back on track to blog again tomorrow! Thanks for your patience. 

Archie was a huge help with his customer service skills yesterday! He made checking out super easy for all our customers. He also spent some quality time out on the catio - always nice to get some fresh air!

Bayley thoroughly explored the cattery yesterday, taking a look at every nook and cranny! I think we passed her inspection. After a lap or two if seeing what everyone was up to, she found a comfy bed to spend the rest of the day in.

Charlie and Percy are a hoot! They've been keeping things cozy in their condo recently - I think they really love the dens they have. Both gals gave me so much love when I came for a visit! It was hard to take pictures when all they wanted was pets, but I tried to do a balance of both. Percy even showed me her tummy for a bit and I got a few pets in! A special day for sure.

On Wednesday, Gideon was all about exploration and found a perfect spot to sit in one of our windows. Yesterday, he decided to settle in for a cozy day in his condo - which still worked out, since he has a good view of the catio right from his shelf! I also just love how cozy he can get in his den. He's definitely a shy little fella, but I think he's slowly starting to warm up to us. It's always so exciting when I see a kitty start to figure things out!

Miss Jade! Jade has a fish toy that has been a total hit around the office. Love it or hate it, it captures everyone's attention. Yesterday, she enjoyed some alone time in her condo in the morning, then took a little time to sit in the window seat in the afternoon.

Kashi and Tana both elected to keep things cozy yesterday and stayed pretty much in their same spots all day long - it was nice and warm inside, a stark contrast to the cold and rainy day we had yesterday! Both kitties got lots of pets every time we walked by - they knew where to catch the eye!

Kitten and Smudge... What lovely girls. Kitten, the older, more sophisticated sister, likes to find spots where her mini-me will leave her be for a bit. They still play together in the afternoons, but I think it's nice for Kitten to get a break from Smudge's rambunctiousness! Smudge has become my go-to cuddle buddy for any time I need to be on the computer. She'll rotate from sitting in my lap, to on my shoulders, to a new spot... right on top of my head. Can't say I mind it too much, as long as she keeps those claws to herself!

I thought maybe Miss Luna was going to be a shy gal from the way things started out yesterday morning - it seemed like she wanted to hang out in her condo by herself. She proved me wrong by hopping out and immediately rolling around and asking for pets. She did some exploring and investigated all the younger kitties bopping around the office. While she hasn't made any BEST friends yet, she's certainly able to put up with the zoomies of those around her!

Merlin and Morgan are a couple of shy boys who are still figuring things out. Merlin is definitely the more brave and curious of the two - he did a fair bit of exploring yesterday, and kept close by Jade while she was in the window seat. Morgan likes to hang out in their condo most of the day, but he still gets a great view of everyone playing and napping from his spot.

Raleigh is a chill, reliable little dude. He keeps himself entertained out on the catio all day, snuggled up in one of our heated baskets... Sounds like the purrfect place to nap to me! He'll hop down and give me some love when I come outside. A perfect blend of independent and friendly!

Tony really tickled me yesterday - we all knew he was going to love the window seats, and I could tell he was just itching for adventure yesterday. After watching him investigate both window seats several times, he finally made an attempt to get in one!... And missed a bit, landing on the ledge of one of the window panes. I helped him get into the seat after that, and he understood immediately from there on out. He spent almost all day in one window seat or the other, watching the birds and the rain come rolling in. 

We had a few newbies join us yesterday, too, but I ended up letting them settle in without shoving a camera in their face first thing after arriving. Usually, if a kitty has just arrived on a blog day, we'll wait until they feel a bit more comfortable to start snapping pictures. We have SO many kitties coming to join us this weekend in preparation for Thanksgiving, so definitely keep an eye out for tomorrow's blog with more friendly faces! For those of you with kitties boarding through Thanksgiving, we're planning to have a blog come out ON Thanksgiving as well - a little bonus/special treat for the holiday!

Thanks again for your patience with our internet issues, and we'll see you again tomorrow!


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