Tuesday, November 2, 2021

November 2, 2021

 November 2nd

We can't believe it is already November! 

This year is flying by and our furry friends are making the best of it!

Apollo has turned into the most cuddly guy in the morning! He loves to spend the morning email session lounging in my lap! He is usually there waiting for me first time in the morning and gets impatient for his snuggle time! 

Aremis and Minerva just arrived yesterday and they are settling in well! They both did a great job exploring both their condo and the outer room! 

Basso decided today was a good day to spend at home! It definitely seems like the perfect day to cuddle up with a blanket and a cup of tea! 

Celine was zooming around the office this morning! She was definitely singing Queen to herself bc her them of the day was "can't stop me now because I'm having a good time... I'm having a ball! "

Kashi is settling in well! He found his favorite heated pad and is enjoying the weather from the comfort of his bed! 

LV loves high places in the cat room! When in doubt, look up!

Obi is winning a lot of brownie points for being too cute! He loves being whenever we are and we love giving him the attention he deserves! It is definitely a win win situation! 

Patrick got the zoomies today! He has exploring everything at the speed of light! I think he is racing Tana to see who can see the most in the shortest amount of time!

Petunia is currently one my shoulder as I write this blog! She is very busy grooming her hair! She obviously thinks I'm doing it wrong!
...update: she asleep on my shoulder!

Pugsley has much bolder the last couple of days and demands a lot of snuggles! As soon as I walk over to his favorite napping spot he will wake up and demand a scratch or twenty!

Tana is back and she is loving it! She spent the entire day rechecking everything and meeting her new friends!

Wednesday decided that nothing beats napping on a cold wet day! She is really started to love snuggles as well!

Cat Fun Fact! green cat was born in Denmark in 1995. Some people believe that high levels of copper in the water pipes nearby may have given his fur a verdigris effect!

See you all on Thursday!



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