Sunday, November 14, 2021

November 14th, 2021

November 14th, 2021

It's a rainy, sleepy Sunday here at All My Kitties! Most of our gang today has the cuddly, cozy vibe going on. It was tricky getting clear pictures because as I walked by, everyone wanted to hop out of bed and say hello! We have a few professional models who understand photoshoot rules, but the amateurs are still adorable in their blurriness!

We caught Roxy at the watering hole this morning! Getting a good gulp while the rain was pouring. Nothing like a good rainy day to encourage everyone to stay hydrated. 

As usual, Miss Penny has been loving her favorite condo. If we don't schedule her in it, she'll usually come on up and make herself at home anyway - it's so funny watching regulars find their own little routines and favorite spots! She's a sweet little lady, it's easy to keep her happy!



For a brief moment when the rain wasn't making its way onto the catio, Patrick got a great roll around! This is a popular spot for catching some rays, so maybe Patrick was hoping to soak up a little bit of sun between the clouds!

Obi spent some time on the catio today, too. He's a super playful guy, we usually see him running all over the cattery with Patrick as they play tag. Sometimes, he'll hang out with old man Kashi and take a nap together. He's a social butterfly!

The pictures I caught of Lana today were while she was cozied up in bed, but shortly afterwards she explored the office, saying hi to her friends and finding other cozy spots to wiggle into.

Kitten and Smudge have kept me entertained all day! It's truly as though someone copied Kitten and shrunk her down a little to make Smudge - in looks, at least! Since Kitten is older, she usually just finds a nice little spot to snuggle up and get cozy. Smudge is young and curious, so she's been everywhere today! My personal favorite was snuggled in my lap while I answered emails... But play time calls!

King and Tut are enjoying a change of scenery in the office while their regular condo downstairs got a good deep clean. The boys have figured out the joy of the window seat - it's high up so they can look out over the yard, it's protected from the rain, and it has a comfy blanket!



Kashi and Tana are holding down the fort in their usual manner today. Tana just loves napping in her basket outside, while Kashi has a perch on top of the condos all for himself. Nothing like a warm basket of blankets to nap in!

Sweet Jules! He is SO beautiful and yet so hard to take photos of! He's so friendly that anytime I pull out my phone to snap a picture he thinks he's been invited to a cuddle session. Of course, I can't refuse, so we end up with sub-par pictures... But at least we both get some snuggles in!


Harry Potter always understands the magic of a warm bed. He's always so happy to see me when I'm downstairs, a super friendly and cozy little guy. He's certainly cast a spell on me!

Hana and Yuki had a fun (...and again, blurry...) photoshoot! They like a good balance of cozy vibes and adventure. But more than anything, they love attention! These gals have been great to have around. They like a good pet, they like a good nap, and they are respectful little explorers!

George really hogs the show from Mabel because he ALWAYS wants to be in front of the camera. Mabel doesn't seem to mind - she likes keeping things quiet and cozy in her den while her brother deals with the paparazzi. These two usually respect each other's space and sleep in their different dens, but I've caught them snuggled up together AT LEAST once today.

Fifa and Olive have been everywhere today! It looks like I managed to snap more pictures of Olive than Fifa... Olive was socializing and bouncing around like nobody's business. Fifa was more interested in nap time inside their den. I guess Olive's modeling paid off since I was able to get that great shot of her little toes as she stretched earlier! She also spent a little time hanging out with George and Mabel this morning. 


Cleo and Jake kept things cozy for a nap in their den today. They got all of their exploring out of the way this morning (Cleo paid special attention to peek into everyone else's condo), so that leaves an afternoon free for snoozing!

Cheese and Freyja have been playing a fun game where they take turns hanging out in the litter box while the other one sits on a shelf just above them. They'll dangle their tail to taunt the kitty in the litter box, and play a little game trying to catch each other from their different positions. It's super cute, but it DOES get the litter everywhere in their condo... Freyja is usually cuddled up in their den once play time is over, and that's so precious to see that it makes all the cleaning worth it!

Charlie and Percy are such wonderful guests! It's great having them back. They're a sibling duo that I always see getting along - sometimes we'll have duos that get annoyed with each other after a while or take advantage of a new environment to get some distance from each other, but these ladies stay cozy together! It is a precious sight.


Ben always seems to love his condo - I've only ever seen him complain when I've shut the door before bringing down dinner! He gets some adventuring done during the day, but there's nothing like coming back to snuggle with your toys and blankets after some adventuring.

That's our wonderful gang of kitties today! Also, here's a peek behind the curtain: as I was working on today's blog, I had a little extra help from Smudge! 😊

Usually it's annoying having someone look over your shoulder... But not when they're purring up a storm! She's a very encouraging coworker. 😉

We'll see you on Tuesday with our next kitty update!


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  1. Awww what great pics of my boy Patrick! And glad he made a friend! 🥰