Tuesday, November 16, 2021

November 16, 2021

 November 16th

  Happy Beautiful Sunny Tuesday!

Our furry friends are enjoying this wonderful sunshine after so much rain!

Three kitties sharing a condo! The photo is not the most clear but George, Olive, and Mabel are becoming good friends in the office! 

Archie's first day back and he is already busy exploring! He has been very interested in all of the other condos!

Ben got caught up in the zoomies with all of the other cats this morning! When he isn't running around, he loves sun bathing out on the catio! 

Charlie and Percy loves their condo! But they are always ready to greet visitors! They love a good snuggle time! 

Cleo has found her favorite spot! She loves being high up on the book shelves! She must be on watch so she can greet each new cat as they come in!

Fifa has been exploring today! It has mostly been in search of a good head rub but she has decided that window glazing is the next best thing! 

George loves people! He loves to be on my hands whenever I am working on the computers! He does not like when I have to use my hand for anything other than snuggles and cuddles! 

Gideon has been doing some exploring the last couple of days! He has decided that he loves the hidden window where he can watch the garden!

Jake loves his favorite catio basket! It is heated and has great morning sunshine! He heads that way every morning!

Kashi was involved in the community zoomies this morning! About 4 of the catio cats decided that this morning was the day to run around like crazy and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Kitten has discovered the window boxes and she loves them! She spent the morning in the sun chirping at the birds!

Lana Del Rey is quite the explored! She usually comes back to her condo for an afternoon nap but she is usually out and about!

Mabel did some exploring today! It was her first day out and about for hours on end! She made sure that she was back in time for her afternoon nap!

Obi was the leader of the morning zoomies! He went rocketing around the catio! Ben, Tana, and Kashi decided they must follow! I was sorry that I could not upload the video!

Olive was all about snuggles today! She spent most of the day with George and Mabel! 
It is fun to see the start of new friendships!

Penny went downstairs to see what all the fuss was about! She saw everyone with the zoomies and decided it was not for her! She just watched and then went back to her condo!

Smudge is in competition with George for who gets to spent more time in my lap and on my keyboard! I think they have decided to take turns! 

After the morning zoomies, Tana decided that she would spend the rest of the morning napping inside! The afternoon saw her back outside in her basket!

Cat Fun Fact! 

Cats have contributed to the extinction of 33 different species!

We will see you all on Thursday!

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