Thursday, November 25, 2021

November 25th, 2021

 November 25th, 2021



We have maybe one of our biggest blogs ever today... A grand total of over 100 pictures of some sweet kitties enjoying the holiday! Since you can't be with your furry ones this holiday, we hope a huge batch of photos will help warm your heart!

Zelda is having a great little vacation and is a total cutie! She loves the catio, and she's gotten lots of compliments on her beautiful fur. We're so happy to get to know her!

Miss Tula has stayed with us several times before! She loves her condo, and enjoys spending her days curled up in her cozy den. She's a lady that knows what she wants!

Tuckerman is a super chill dude who has been hanging out on the catio a lot here lately! These heated beds are always popular once it starts getting chilly out. Tuckerman is always the first to greet me when I come down with breakfast!

Toast has become a total socialite! He has made best friends with Chef, who has been giving him lessons on how to sprawl out and be comfy. It looks like Toast has been taking good notes, because he seems more comfortable than ever!

Sweet Sophie! Sophie is one of my favorite guests. She's got such a distinct personality while still being one of the most chill and well behaved kitties out there. I love getting to spend time with her, and she's loving hanging at the top of the stairs!

Scout has gotten very brave! He loves hanging out in the "top bunk" of the cat tower. It's a great place to nap, look outside, or watch what the other kitties are getting up to!

Rocky Rockstar wasn't thrilled about his photoshoot, but he entertained the idea for a little while. I think he knows that today is all about feasting, and he's wondering when dinner will be served... 

Can you even handle how cute Quincy's face is in that first picture?!?! Totally adorable! What a handsome guy. He loves the catio, but as it gets chilly, he finds new warm spots inside to hang out.

Newbies Pikku and Runo are having a blast in the office with lots of friends their size to play with! Merlin and Morgan, their downstairs neighbors, have been great playmates. It's nice to make a friend on vacation!

We have so many look a likes here this week, I truly wasn't sure if I knew the difference between Phoebe, Parkour, Miso, and Nathaniel... But thanks to some collars and distinct personalities, I think I've got it down! This pretty lady is Phoebe, who has the most lovely big round eyes! What an angel.

Big, beautiful Oreo has been loving vacation time. Lots of outside time on the catio, sprinkled in with a few hang outs inside to make for a perfect day.

Nimbus and Parkour are a couple of cuties! They totally rule the roost and are feeling super comfortable and confident roaming around the cattery. So handsome, too!

Nathaniel, one of the other orange doppelgangers, has been staying super cozy in his condo. What's great about Nathaniel is he'll pop out for cuddles here and there and settle back down right after. He knows what he wants!

Miso, the last of the orange gang, has found a lot of comfort in his den, too! He was SO sweet when I came by this morning with breakfast. We spent a good few minutes with some pets and cuddles! A very sweet boy. 

Merlin and Ollie! These two are such sweet siblings. Merlin is totally confident and loves hanging around wherever he'd like, while Ollie likes to take things a little slower and figure out everyone's vibes before stepping out. He's gotten a lot of confidence from watching Merlin, though, and today they're both enjoying some time on top of the condos!

Tiny guys Merlin and Morgan have been absolute goofballs. I remember when they first arrived, they seemed a little shy and unsure of the whole situation... These days, they're bouncing off the walls, playing with toys, and getting so many cuddles!

Sweetie Klaus is getting more comfortable each day! He's got a cozy den with the purrfect cozy blanket to keep him warm. He likes to alternate between naps in his den and watching the other kitties from his shelf in his condo!

Jubilee is forever the most chill kitty. Each stay he's been with us recently has been better than the last - he's gotten so comfortable and sweet on us! He likes to sit in our laps during our morning email sessions. 

O...m...g... Can you HANDLE Harvey's cuteness?! I don't think I can...  He's just too precious! This guy is a regular here, and he's always a perfect angel... But this time, he found a super cute spot to sit in! 

Sweet gals Hana and Yuki keep things nice and mellow in the office. They like roaming around and saying hi, taking naps, and watching what everyone else is getting up to. They're really reliable little ladies, I love having them around!

Oh, Dizzy and Louis... My boys! Louis made good friends with Parkour earlier. They spent some quality time hanging out on top of the condos and bonded. Dizzy has been surprising us all with his adventures on the catio, sans cat cabin! He is notorious for staying cuddled into one for most of the day, but today he's catching that fresh air (and the smell of turkey on the breeze)...

Coco is a mellow, independent lady who has been rocking her own thing. She's got a condo with a view, so she can just sit on her shelf and do some birdwatching, or get up close and personal by going out on the catio! It looks like both are good options, but it seems like the cozy vibes of her own room are pulling her in today.

Sweet Chloe! This gal is an angel. I love to catch her curled up napping in new places. She's a total delight to be around and I love getting cozy with her.

Chef's had a busy day of teaching Toast how to sprawl out, so he now has to spend the REST of the day sprawled out recreationally. He reached for my hand earlier, but when I gave it to him, he seemed less than interested. Perhaps that will change when dinnertime rolls around!

Cairo is such a goofball! He's had a great time rolling around his shelf in his condo today. He's really been cracking me up with his goofy mannerisms. He just settled down for a nice nap in his den to prepare for dinnertime.

Cutie Bucky is having a lovely time as well! He's got a condo with a view, so who even needs to leave the house?! Cuddles delivered right to your door, a warm den to nap in, and room service? I think he's living the life.

Beau has been teaching us all the art of keeping things cozy. A fluffy blanket, a good basket, or the top of a den seem to be the top picks for cozy nap spots.

Ash was a total model for me earlier today! Showing off that adorable bow on his collar, he posed and posed. He knows how to work the camera!

Archer and Janeway always impress me with their preferred nap spots. Looks like Archer found a high up, kind of hidden shelf to call his own. They both like to split their time between naps and outdoor explorations!

Apollo and Jubilee take turns being lap cats each day when we sit at the computer. Apollo got lots of cuddles mixed in with his naps today! Such a sweet boy.

Antoine has found his perfect roost out on the catio shelf! This is totally his favorite spot to perch. Gotta keep an eye on those birds!

Albi is totally stunning and SO soft, but she absolutely would not sit still for some pictures! Why would we hold anything other than her when she's around? She demanded we put the phones away and get to cuddling. As you wish!

PHEW! That's our HUGE Thanksgiving blog for you today! We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Please forgive us if we made any errors in our post - all this talk about turkey has us hungry... 😆 We'll see you again on Saturday for your next dose of kitty pictures!


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