Monday, November 8, 2021

November 8th, 2021

 November 8th, 2021

Happy Monday, everyone! We've got a tiny gang of cute kitties with us this week. Let's see what they've gotten up to so far!

Sweetie Ben has split his time between adventuring on the catio and staying cozy in his den. Best of both worlds!


Obi's been enjoying some fresh air today! Our social butterfly, Obi makes a great pal for all the kitties.


Patrick was a photogenic little goofball out on the catio this morning! Nothing like some quality time in the sun.


Kashi and Tana had some truly cozy days today - Tana was simply in love with some lap cuddles earlier! Look at that smile!

Raffy seems to really be enjoying the window seat today! He's been alternating between the fresh air and hanging out on top of the condos. He's been very interested in pets, and he's gotten lots of compliments on his handsome little ears.

Guinness and Jasmine are about as opposite as they come - Guinness has built himself a palace on top of the condos. I know he looks grumpy, but he's got it made up there! He's got his food and water along with a snuggly rug to cuddle up on. Jasmine keeps things a bit more grounded and down to earth, reporting back to her brother any interesting things she sees during the day.


Mango has a great condo with a window across from him AND next to him - so he gets allll the lovely light of the day! He's not big on exploring just yet, but he does love a good snuggle.


Petunia has been such a goofball today! She loves hanging out with us humans, mostly flopping around in our arms while we answer emails, but today she rolled around on top of the condos and made sure we saw all her good angles!

That's our squad for today, folks! We have more kitties joining us tomorrow, so check back in on Wednesday for your next dose of cuddly kitty content. ­čśä


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