Saturday, November 20, 2021

November 20, 2021

 November 20th

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Our furry friends are enjoying the start of their weekend! We have a lot of friends leading up to the holiday and our office in full of kittens! 

We are in cuteness overload!  

Albi is not too interested in making friends with the other cats yet! But she loves us! She is always down for a snuggle! 

Archie is a real peach! He loves following me around and is sure to let me know that cleaning is way less important than his cuddle time!

Bayley is out and about today! She loves monitoring the stairs! No one is allowed up or down without her permission!

Beau loves his condo at the top of the stairs! He is always interested in what Bayley is up to! He loves his condo and watching everyone without the worry of participating!

Chef was all over today! He was very interested in meeting all of the kittens in the morning! He quickly decided that they had too much energy for him and he went up on top for an afternoon nap! 

Dizzy is back in his favorite cat cabin! The only thing he loves more is a good head scratch! 

Gideon always looks so startled when I take his photo! It is a very "Who? Me?!" expression! Today, he discovered that he likes the top of the catio! 

Hanna loves stealing other cat's beds! She especially loves the kittens' bed! They don't mind! 

Jade have been very adventurous today! She has not played with any of the other kittens but she enjoys watching them! I am sure that she will join in soon!

Jade and Tony caught red handed becoming friends! 

At this point, Kashi has a great routine! Every morning and evening, he makes his round and check in on everyone! After his duties are complete, he retreats to his top of condo pent house suit! 

Kitten has had enough of the other kittens! They were getting too playful so Kitten retreated to the one place they would not go! The top of the condo! She has been napping all afternoon!

Louis is a real ham! He loves photo shoots and all of the snuggles! He is slowly becoming better friends with Archie as they both like to follow us around!

Luna is very playful! She loves playing with our toys and rolling around on the newly cleaned floor! 

Merlin and Morgan are in very adventurous spirits today! They love sitting in the windows and chattering to the birds that they see in the garden! 

Nathaniel has had a very relaxing day! He decided that since he explored a little this morning that he would enjoy his condo in the afternoon! 

Phoebe loves her condo and basket! She loves snuggling down for a good washing among her blankets!

It was difficult to get good photos of Pikku and Runo today! Every time I went to get one, they would immediately want to come over for snuggles! Of course, I ended up playing with them and then forgot to get the pictures! 

Quincy is such a cute! He leaves his condo every morning on a mission to find the most comfortable basket! Every time I go looking for him, he is in a different basket!

Raleigh loves the catio! He can only come inside if there is a promise of food! Every morning, he waits very patiently for me to bring his food outside for him!

Scout was not interested in visitors or exploring today! He loves his condo as it is up high and he can see everything from the comfort of his basket!

Smudge has been busy today! She has tried to make every one her friend and eat everyone else's food! We have encourage the friendships and kept her from stealing their food! It is not a very good way to make friends!

Spark has been exploring other's condos today! He makes sure that no one is home but trying out their beds!

Tana has warmed up the most to me since the start of her stay! We are now BFFs and she makes sure to let me know if I am not giving her the amount of attention that she is due!

Toast was not very interested in exploring today! He loves his condo and blankets! He always welcoming to any visitors but he wants them to come to him!

Tony has been everywhere today! He has been meeting all of the other kittens and has been very playful! He has spent the entire afternoon in the window box watching the birds!

Yuki has found her new favorite quiet place! It is right by a heated light! She loves to snuggle up with a fluffy blanket and nap to her heart content! 

Cat Fun Fact! Your cat drapes its tail over another cat, your dog, or you as a symbol of friendship!

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! We will see you all on Monday!

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