Friday, December 17, 2021

December 17th, 2021

 December 17th, 2021

Happy Friday! It's a beautiful day today, and I always feel like the kitties are in a more photogenic mood when the sun is out... Or maybe it's just literally easier to take clearer pictures. Who knows! Either way, we've got some real stunners to show off today! Let's dive in.

Apollo has been hanging out in the office, being the purrfect guest as usual! He had a great bit of playtime with Nala today before she heads home. Raffy, another cat that is out in the office, looks very similar to Apollo... Sometimes I have to take a page from Santa's book and check them twice.

Lovely ladies Artie and Mini were cuddling TOGETHER today! I catch them both huddled in their den every once in a while, but I'm glad I was able to get it on camera. I also tried to see if Artie wanted to try the catio again... and I was firmly shut down. She forgave me for taking her out into the cold, but I don't think she's going to be humoring me again any time soon. 

Baker and Kyrie are settling in well! It's great to have them back with us. So far, Baker is keeping things low key in their condo while Kyrie takes to investigating every nook and cranny! She's found a few good nap spots so far, and there's definitely more for her to find.

Blueberry had a busy day of making her rounds this morning! She helped out with some carrier inspections before Nimbus and Parkour went home, and made sure I did a good, thorough clean in Primrose's condo.

If you scroll too quickly, you might think you're seeing double with these next two! Juli and Juno look vaguely similar, but they do have some distinct differences. Juli's got a bit more detail on her face with those cute, tabby-esque lines. This is her first stay with us, and she's doing so well! I'm glad to get to spend some time with her.

And Juno here is a bit more "soft" on the details - her lines are a little more blurry/fuzzy, but boy, you can't compare how cute these two are - they both knock it out of the park! Juno had a frankly perfect loaf shape earlier today, which I simply must give a 10/10.

Truthfully, I took as many pictures of Leo today as we have cats in the building. He was just TOO CUTE! We had such a fantastic playtime today - we focused on the two newer toys I've pulled out and he was a HUGE fan. Though I think in the future play time will be primarily on the floor... He can knock his toys pretty far away from up on top of that condo, and I'm not so great at fetch!

Lumi sat outside for a bit this morning and was VERY entertained by the other kitties goofing off. She likes to hang around outdoors for just a little while before snuggling back up in her condo. I love that she knows which "room" is hers!


Murphy and I had our introductions today. He seems like a total love bug! He's still pretty nervous since he just arrived, but once you give him some attention, he is all about those pets! I look forward to seeing his personality more as the week progresses.

Lord Greyson has enjoyed his day from his throne - this cozy basket on top of one of the upstairs condos! It's definitely a favorite spot of his that he makes sure to spend time in every time he comes to stay with us. I love learning what each kitty likes best the more they visit us!

Patrick is back! I have a suspicion that he and Leo are going to become fast friends. So far, he tried out Leo's rainbow toy today and was a big fan. Maybe Leo will invite him to playtime one of these days! 

Poche kept things cute and cozy on top of his condo today. After playtime with Nala, he made his way up to a nice, warm nap spot where he has spent almost all of the rest of the day. (Also, how cute is that little tongue?!)

Primrose was difficult to take pictures of today because all she wanted was some LOVE! We spent a good little while sitting together and cuddling this morning. Sometimes work is so tough, having to snuggle sweet kitties all day... ­čśë

Handsome Raffy! This big boy likes to keep to himself for the most part. He spent some time in the window verandas, enjoying the cool, fresh air. He's since come back inside to curl up inside a den and enjoy a warm nap!

Rajah, I can hardly handle how cute you are, sweet floofy boy. Once Rajah figures out what's going on, he gets very comfortable and wants attention! He spent today exploring, so I'd bet you that tomorrow will be a cuddle fest.

Timid Rose has even enjoyed exploring the cattery! She'd been keeping things pretty low-key in her condo, but now she's branched out to enjoy the heated cat cabins out on the catio! I think she's a big fan. I'm proud to see her trying new things!

That's our gang for today! We hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and we'll see you again on Sunday!


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