Tuesday, December 7, 2021

December 7,

 December 7th 

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! We only have a few friends here today! (Everyone else is arriving tomorrow!)

It is definitely warmer than yesterday so all of our kitties are very playful today!

Arti and Mini are queens of the coop! Arti is still not interested in exploring but today, she was much more interested in sitting on the edge of her condo and watching me clean! Mini, of course, has claimed the top of the condos and loves to be high above us! 

Bird is her usually cuddly self! She loves to be where all the people are! And she is always ready to play! 

Celine was busy making friends today! She loves to hangout with Lumi! Her and Patrick are also starting to become friends! 

When Lumi is not hanging out with Celine, she is getting snuggles and cuddles from me! What a love bug!

More friendship and playing with Primrose and Bird!

Hamza had the zoomies with Patrick today! They were both running around together! Hamza's new favorite thing is to use me as a stepping stone while jumping between condos!

Mabel and Orchid were feeling like they wanted a day in their condo! They love snacking and cuddles! Mabel was shy as soon as I showed her the camera! 

Mak is a very lazy boy! He loves to act ridiculously cute and demand cuddles! We love to give him everything he wants! 

Nala loves to play! She is always looking for a new playmate! She especially loves to play with my headphones! Her new favorite toy while I am cleaning! 

Patrick got the zoomies today with his new partner in crime, Hamza! He was then distracted by a couple of birds visiting the garden! How cute! 

Primrose has had a great day! She got all the head scratches she wanted and she made a new friend! Make sure you did miss the cute photos above of her and Bird playing together!

Scout loves his condo! He loves watching the other cats with the zoomies! He is sure to investigate each other their condos once they run onto the the catio! He would make a great spy! 

Zip has a new favorite napping spot! She loves the scratch box! She has spent most of today snuggling, napping and scratching! She is very eager to show off her prize! 

Cat Fun Fact! Cats are nearsighted, but their peripheral vision and night vision are much better than that of humans!

See you all on Thursday!



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