Wednesday, December 1, 2021

December 1st, 2021

 December 1st, 2021

Oh my goodness, can you believe it's December 1st?! SO exciting!! We have the holiday tunes playing softly in the background downstairs to help get the kitties in that festive spirit. We wind down just a little between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so here's our smaller blog post of the little gang we have with us today!

Artie and Mini just joined us yesterday! Mini is notoriously the more adventurous and brave kitty of the two, but Artie really started to branch out during her last visit. We're hoping to pick up where we left off and get her feeling right at home in no time! Even though it's her first day out and about, she still found a nice spot she liked on the shelf behind one of the condos - but for now, their den remains her favorite.

Hamza can be a little nervous, but he's settling in well and getting so brave and comfortable with each passing day! Yesterday we spent a lot of quality time together. He followed me around the cattery and I gave him lots of love! I think that helped his confidence a lot, because today he came all the way upstairs and found a good basket to nap in and hide behind!

Sweet boy Klaus is doing fantastic. He had to say goodbye to his tiny kitten friends today, Merlin and Morgan. After a farewell to them, he spent the rest of the day swapping between naps in the window seat and lounging in new spots around the office.

Mak is a newbie here, and Klaus began showing him the ropes today! He figured out the window seats in no time and had a wonderful day bird watching. He took a peek in some of the other condos, but ultimately decided that the best spots are either the window seat or his own bed!

Sweet miss Nala found a perfect hidey hole! Lots of curious kitties end up discovering this great spot, but it takes a little work to get there - they have to climb on top of the right condo to find a little nook in the wall that is just the right size for a kitty to nap in. That's been her favorite spot today, but she did a LOT of exploring first thing this morning!

Oyster has stayed with us several times now and always has the best attitude. Today, he did a little of everything - indoors, outdoors, you name it. This sweet guy is always down for some pets or cuddles, and he's gotten lots of them today!

Cutie pie Patrick loves the catio. He and Oyster had similar routines today, though Patrick ultimately likes the catio a bit more than just sitting around inside. There's just nothing like that cool, fresh air and free entertainment.

Miss Tula stepped out of her condo today! She's pretty well known for staying in her den most of the time, but every now and then we can catch her out and about. Today, we got to snap a few photos of her as she explored the stairs down to the catio this morning.

Like I said, we have a tiny gang with us today! A few new kitties have joined us as the day has progressed, and we'll show off our increasing numbers as the month continues. We'll catch back up with you on Friday to see what sweet babies we have hanging out with us!

Have a great rest of the week!


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