Thursday, December 9, 2021

December 9th, 2021


Good afternoon, everyone! Honestly, I can hardly believe it's December... My brain is stuck in October! But this chilly weather is certainly a good wake up call to what month it is. Well, enough about me, let's see what the kitties are up to! 

Smokey is staying cozy in his den today! He came out for a bit, but after catching the breeze from outside, he decided that a cozy afternoon sounded good.

Scout always seems so suspicious when I come by to take photos! But he's been a perfect guest. He kept his condo very tidy overnight, which always makes my day better! 

Pumpkin has been all over the world today. She's found so many new spots to hang out!... Including a tiny nook next to the stair case. Luckily, there was plenty of room for her to move around, but it did surprise me when I first saw her! 

Primrose was looking SO cute cuddled into her bed earlier, but every time I tried to snap a photo she hopped up to get some love! So, no cute sleepy Prim photos today, but at least she got what she wanted - LOTS of snuggles!

All Patrick did when he hopped out of his condo this morning was rub up on my legs! He's a sweet boy with the tiniest little meow. It almost sounds like a kitten!

Olive's taking a lazy day today, spending most of the morning curled in her den. She hopped out to say hi to me when I made my rounds (before cleaning!!! there are no crumbs laying around now, I promise). 

Miss Nala is up to all sorts of tomfoolery today. She spent a good amount of time napping on top of the condos this morning, but she also took plenty of time to hang out with her bestie, Mak!

... And Mak made sure to do some... yoga? Personal hygiene? in between playtime with Nala and nap time. These two kitties have truly become the best of friends.

Lumi took a page out of Patrick's book this morning and gave me all the love! She's a sweet little fluffball that definitely enjoys keeping cozy. The catio wasn't quite interesting enough for her to venture out today, not when a cozy den is calling your name!

Kodiak looks a lot like a little more plump version of another guest of ours, Bird! Bird has a telltale spot of white on her nose, but both Bird and Kodiak enjoy time out on the catio - and they're total sweeties!


Oh my goodness, Hamza... When he first arrived, I was worried he'd be a little too shy to be hanging out downstairs. Boy, has he proven me wrong. It's almost impossible to get a clear picture of him, because if you're in sight, he wants to be cuddling!

Handsome Carlos is enjoying his den today, too! I think he's figuring us out little by little. He's eating his food VERY well, which is always encouraging to see. I also just love the pattern his fur has!

Bird's adventures today included her favorite thing, the catio, as well as helping me locate Pumpkin when she found the hidey hole between the stairs. Bird makes for a great companion around the cattery!

Artie and Mini! Mini is always easy to take photos of, she usually naps somewhere right out in the open, but I only snapped one photo of her today and spent a little extra time loving on Artie. She's a lovely gal, so affectionate, even if she's a little more shy than her sister. These gals are a great duo to have around and definitely brighten each day.

That's all for today! Two of our guests, Fiaca and Isla, are still settling in - so I didn't want to annoy them by trying to take a ton of photos of them just yet. I'd rather them get more comfortable with us first! So perhaps you'll see them (and even more friends!) on Saturday for our next post. See you then! :)


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