Sunday, December 19, 2021

December 19th, 2021

 December 19th, 2021

Happy Sunday, friends! It's so nice to see some sunshine out today. Yesterday was so dreary and rainy, all the kitties wanted to do was sleep. Today, the sunshine gives everyone a little more energy, and lots of kitties are using their day to adventure, explore, and enjoy some fresh air.

Apollo is such a sweetie! He's a really big fan of hanging out with Poche on top of the condos. You can catch them snoozing together for most of the day.

Artie and Mini are cozied up today, enjoying time together in their den AND taking some space so they can each enjoy a cozy spot today.

Baker and Kyrie are doing great today. Kyrie just loves exploring and finding the good nap spots. Baker continues to be the more reserved of the two, but he did take a good look around the office for a while today. 

Bella and Luna just arrived yesterday and are still figuring things out - so far, Luna is very curious and is enjoying some exploration while Bella stays cozy (and hidden) in their condo. 

Perfect Blueberry is having a great day! She's such a good girl. She brightens my days with her sunny attitude. She's a friend to all around here!

CC and Mango just joined us yesterday and it looks like they're having a great day exploring the cattery! So much to do, so much to see.

Sweet Leo gets to head home today! I know he's looking forward to it. We had some quality fetch time today, and honestly - is ANYTHING cuter than watching a kitty play with a little mouse? Watching Leo bat it around is just so precious! He also had a really great playtime with his buddy Patrick yesterday evening. I forgot to snap pictures, but Patrick sat on top of a condo while Leo got inside and they basically played Whack-a-Mole together for a good half hour. Gonna miss this cutie!

Lord Greyson loves his basket! This is the number one spot you can find him at any given moment. If you look closely, you'll see that he's made a little friend that likes to hang out with him, too!

Hana and Yuki are back with us, and in classic fashion, we have an adventurer and a cozy cat. It's nice that everyone gets to do what they enjoy when they're here!

Jubilee is most often an "out" cat in the office - meaning he doesn't have an assigned condo. However, he spotted this cozy looking den in Poche's condo and just had to try it out. 

I'm learning so much about the bundle of joy that is Juli! She's sweet as can be. She loves pets and she'll even show me her tummy in the middle of a cuddle session! I did of course test the waters to see how she felt about belly rubs... and she didn't get mad! I won't push my luck too far, but I'm loving hanging out with this girl.

We kind of have a trio of similar looking kitties in the office right now - Juno, Juli, and Yue all look pretty similarly gorgeous! Juno is the most confident of the three - she likes hopping down from her condo in the morning and seeing what the office has to offer.

Sweet, snuggly girl Lumi adventured outside again today! Nothing like some cool, fresh air out on the catio to help you feel energized.

Maggie just joined us the other day and so far she is a HUGE fan of her den. She usually stays in the same condo every time she visits, and it's clear she is happy we let her have her regular spot.

Mika began adventuring some today, too! She went on the catio for a nap in one of the heated baskets, and then came back inside to tuck in a little basket indoors, too.

Murphy was enjoying his little hidey spot behind Greyson. He's a really sweet boy, and I'm glad he found a friend to hang out with!

Patrick has the most uniform "loaf" stance I've ever seen. Almost every photo I take, he is roughly in the same shape - only the angle and location ever change! He was really bummed it was rainy yesterday, so today, he's soaking up that sunshine outdoors!

Poche has absolutely LOVED being on top of the condos. He'll hop down every now and then for a quick snuggle and sniff around the room, but he knows what he likes and he likes THIS spot!

Rajah is having a good day, split between inside and outside. A little bit of catio time, a little bit of cozy condo time, and some supervising from the staircase make for a busy and productive day.

Tofu was, like Patrick, quite sad at how rainy it was yesterday. Today, Tofu is absolutely thrilled to spend a little time outdoors in the sunshine!

So far, Watson is keeping cozy in his den this morning, and looking SO cute while doing it! I was very excited for Watson to come back and visit us, I really enjoyed having him around the last time he was here. I look forward to keeping cozy together!

And last but not least, Yue! Yue has had an exciting first day of exploration. She sniffed every nook and cranny, investigated the whole room, and had a great time. Just a moment ago, she hopped up on my lap for some quality cuddles while I was working on the blog post. What sweet kitty!

That's the gang we have today! We'll pick back up on Tuesday to see who's hanging around then. 


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