Thursday, December 30, 2021

December 30th, 2021

 December 30th, 2021

Happy Thursday, everyone! I can't believe we're so close to 2022. Between the snow and the classic brain fuzz that exists especially between December 25th to about January 2nd, I think we've gotten thrown off of our regular blog posting schedule. Here's my plan: a regular blog post today, a regular blog post tomorrow, and then we'll pick back up with our every-other-day schedule in the new year, making our first post of 2022 on January 2nd! While I do like the idea of having a blog post on January 1st, I thought it might be nice to let our staff have a less busy day to celebrate the new year since they've been working so hard through cold and snow to care for these kitties! I hope that sounds alright with you all. ­čśŐ

This was the kitties' view this morning from the catio and window boxes! A chilly, snowy morning for us all. When the sun is out, it feels like a great day for a snowball fight. When it's hidden behind the clouds, the kitties and I all want to curl up and nap!


Despite the cold, Mini was willing to explore the cattery and socialize a bit today! Artie, however, was absolutely committed to keeping warm in their den. Artie is happy to let Mini do all the adventuring... She can see the snow just fine from her window, and that's all she cares for!

I think Bird got exactly what she wanted for Christmas this year. She has LOVED hanging out on the catio to see all this snow and the various birds that flutter around in it. With her fluffy medium-length fur, she's brave enough to hang outside when she likes - but still knows that the heater blows right on the staircase when she gets chilly.

CC and Mango have had a day full of naps! They liked to be in spots of the cattery where they could still look outside, but not be too bothered by the chilly air. This meant lots of naps on top of condos near the door - a good view, but still in the warm heat of the indoors.

Chloe, while having a lovely coat of fur that could keep her cozy outside, has very little interest in all of that frosty business out there today. She's staying warm and comfortable in her bed, enjoying her little salad. I think I'm feeling more like Chloe on a day like today!

Dexter and Watson have joined us again! They're enjoying the day in their own ways. Watson is a bit more social and will hop out to explore the cattery. Today, he found a heating pad to keep him nice and cozy on the chair. Dexter decided to keep their den warm so when Watson returns, they can cuddle and stay cozy through the night. A very sweet pair of brothers!

Hana and Yuki have kept busy in their usual way today - Hana feeling more curious and willing to try out the new potential nap spots, and Yuki sticking to the tried and true cozy beds. She likes to try out the other kitties' dens, just to see who has the best bed. Today, it seems like Juli's was a favorite.

Sweet Jack loved getting to see all the snow out the window this afternoon. It was so cute seeing him be so interested! He stood up like a person to look over the window sill, then decided to watch the snow fall for a bit while sitting there.

I have learned over the past few days that Jessica REALLY likes this little nook on top of a shelf downstairs. Around dinner time yesterday, I was putting the kitties back in their condos when I noticed Jessica wasn't in hers. I looked for a good 5 minutes before remembering to look UP, and found her instantly. She probably had a blast watching me look in every nook and cranny. Though I had to bring her down from her throne, I think the compensation of dinner was a fair trade.

Sweet, fluffy Jules looks like he'd blend right into the snow outside, with only his little brown details setting him apart! This handsome little guy is a great guest around here, always so kind and cuddly. He momentarily got a paw stuck on the fencing of the catio, but quickly figured out all he had to do was put is claws back. A smart boy, too!

Juli's been a real cutie today, sticking her tongue out at me when I came to take pictures! We had a little bit of quality time together yesterday, I sat on the floor and she crawled into my lap for about 15 minutes. It was a pleasant reminder to take a moment to breathe between all the hustle and bustle of the season. 

King and Tut so love being downstairs. Access to the catio is key for these guys, even when it's so frosty! They've stayed with us several times now, and it's always great to have regulars that you know. I once scheduled them to stay in the office due to a lack of space downstairs, but it's so obvious that this is what they prefer. It's adorable watching the kitties develop their own tastes, even if we humans take a minute to catch on!

Lillie and Stormy are keeping things pretty mellow today. Alternating between naps on their shelves and naps in their den, they know how to keep cozy AND entertained. There's a window to the right of their condo that they love to look out, so they hardly have to leave their condo at all to have everything at their... paw tips?

Mac and Octane have had a fantastic day today. Sitting outside on the window seat during a little bit of sunlight for Octane, and a nice warm heating pad nap for Mac. Octane also had a fantastic little bit of playtime earlier - a mouse on a string can entertain her for hours!

Momo and Marigold have had an exciting day, too. Marigold definitely rules the office. She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants! We all bow to our queen. Momo is a bit more chill, but he benefits from Marigold's curiosity. She found some great spots to hang out earlier, and Momo was able to join her. Both kitties are living the "high life" by enjoying their days up on high shelves or the tops of the condos! (Though Marigold seemed VERY appreciative when I mopped the floor - she got some good little roll-arounds down there!)

Patrick's having a pretty mellow day today, just hanging around on top of the condos and finding good spots to supervise our cleaning routines. 

Phil hung out with his friend Watson for a little while today, keeping cozy in Phil's condo. He adventured out to see the snow from the safety of the indoor cat tree. He liked what he saw, but liked that warm bed juuuust a little more.

I think Roscoe would have a blast in the snow if we let him (WE WON'T!). He is so curious about all this fluff. But he's certainly understanding why we have all those heated beds on the catio!

Saba found all sorts of spots today! In a basket, next to a basket, on the cat tree... Plenty of fun places for a fluffy baby to hang out around. I personally love it when the kitties get in that basket - though sometimes if they tuck their heads down, it takes me a minute to figure out where they are!

I'm pretty sure this is only Scout's first time staying with us, but you'd think he was born and raised here by how comfortable he is! It's great seeing newbies warm up to us and find their favorite hang outs. So far, he likes hiding behind our files, napping in this bed on top of a condo, and every now and then he'll hang out on a window seat. A good variety!

Shaggy, like his neighbor Chloe, cannot understand why all these kitties want to go outside in the COLD. He enjoys looking out the window behind his condo, but that's about all the adventure he's up for! Cuddles delivered to his room, please, and nothing more for today.

Tuckerman just adores the cat cabins we have on the catio, especially with their heated beds and cozy blankets. I hope he'll forgive the little burst of cold air we let in while taking his picture!

Phil was kind enough to let Watson try out his heated bed solo earlier today. He had a great time getting cozy, and they even spent a little bit of time together as the day progressed. Both are such sweet boys, it makes sense that they'd get along!

Yolk just joined us yesterday and is totally impressed by the view from the window seat - just wait til the clouds clear and he can see Mount Rainier! Definitely one of my favorite views, right here with the kitties.

Lovely lady Zelda kept to herself in her condo today. Her basket is nice and cozy, so she didn't see any reason to leave! Her friends came to visit every now and then which was kind of them, and she got to stay warm.

That's all for today, folks! Like I said before - we'll see you again tomorrow, and then pick up on January 2nd to ring in the new year with all our furry babies!

Stay warm out there!

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