Friday, December 31, 2021

December 31st, 2021

 December 31st, 2021

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!! I can hardly believe 2021 is over. What a year! Through it all, we are so grateful to have such awesome customers that let us hang out with their wonderful kitties. Truly, many highlights of my year include seeing shy kitties open up and trust us, make new friends, and show off their personalities. Let's jump into our crew for the day before I have to break out the tissue box!


Archie joined us yesterday and seems to be having a great time so far! I haven't seen him adventure out onto the catio just yet, but maybe that's because he'd totally blend in. 

Artie and Mini are spending most of their day together, popping out of their den every now and then to enjoy the sunshine we're getting today! a welcome change from the coverage of snow clouds we've had for a bit.

Astro and Nova joined us yesterday afternoon and they've been staying nice and cozy since! They came out for a little while earlier, but honestly, I don't blame them for snuggling the day away!

Bird has been hanging around doing normal Bird things, perching on top of condos and hanging out in the cold outside. I was so proud of her yesterday, she was already in her condo when I came around to put everyone away for dinner time! She's usually the last one to want to go to her room, but she was such a polite little lady yesterday. Let's see if she can surprise me two days in a row!

As you can probably tell, CC and Mango have had a busy day! The chilly weather doesn't bother them at all, they've got adventures to do!

Chloe still tends to prefer her cozy den, but she came out for a little while today to see what everyone was up to. 

Watson and Dexter have continued in their pattern of enjoying exploring and sleeping in their den, respectively. Watson actually sat in my lap for a bit today while I answered some emails! A sweet little guy.

Ella's excited to be ringing in the new year with all of her friends here at AMK! She's gone around checking on everyone to make sure they're having a good day, and helping out if anyone needs advice on their resolutions (hers is to get even more snuggles and snacks next year)!

Hana and Yuki were both out on the town today. Usually Hana is the only one who really cares to explore, but I *think* I caught Yuki playing with some toys earlier! They both found new places to nap for a while before retiring to their condo and preparing for dinner.

Jack is a total sweetie! I've enjoyed getting to learn more about his personality. He reminds me a lot of Marie's resident kitty, Shiloh. He's a little older and gentler than some of the other guests, and he's always happy to get a few cuddles.

Jade got to stay downstairs this time for her second stay with us! So far, it's provided lots of opportunities for exploration. She's discovered she quite enjoys being tall and hanging out on our high shelves.

Sweet Jessica is back in her perch, lovingly surveying her kingdom. Yesterday, she got down on her own when I came around to serve dinner! I think she figured out it was, in fact, a great trade off.

Jules has been so handsome and lovey today! He just gets lost in the pets, absolutely adoring the attention. With a face like that, it's hard not to give him anything he wants!

Juli's had a sleepy day today! I wish I could join her. She was kind enough to hang out in my lap for a bit earlier when I started on the blog. She's a great lap cat when she wants to be, but she also has important errands to run, so I had to let her go. 

King and Tut are reinforcing what I said yesterday - the catio is their favorite spot to be! Both boys followed several of the other kitties' cues yesterday and were patiently waiting for me in their den when I came to serve dinner. I can't tell you how happy it makes me when the kitties do that, because I really feel like they've begun to understand our system!


Stormy and Lillie kept cozy today, mostly just napping together in between pets from yours truly. Mac came around to say hi to them a few times today, and they welcomed their guest - though they didn't care much for leaving their spots.

Momo and Marigold are really cracking me up today. They both discovered the comfort of the shelves we have built into the walls in the office - I caught them wiggling their ways into the shelves several times today. It doesn't LOOK comfortable sometimes, but I think they both really enjoy it! (Also, Momo's face in these pictures is totally killing me. "Did you ask my agent if you could take these pictures?! Modeling isn't cheap, you know...")

Sweet boys Ollie and Otis are back with us in the first condo they ever stayed in! They have their comfy beds with them, but they still enjoy a nice little den to hide in when they want. Both boys have been so sweet already, I'm happy I get to spend a little time with them!

Patrick was busy today, checking on things out on the catio and making sure things were running smoothly indoors. Since he's a regular, he knows the routine well and likes to keep things on track! 

Phil Collins seemed pensive earlier today as he sat by the window. Perhaps he was thinking of all the fun he's had this year, and how excited he is to spend the new year with his friends and family. We certainly love having him around, and can't wait for future visits with him, too!

Roscoe went out for a bit today, but ultimately came back to a place he loves - the basket atop his regular condo. He has a good routine down, too, and always knows where he wants to be. 

Fluffy Saba is SO sweet. Yesterday when I came around to put everyone in their condos for dinner, Saba came running and was eager to get cozy and full. 

I think our new bookkeeper is slacking on the job... Wait, it's just Scout! He blended in to the dark cabinet of the desk earlier, and I didn't see him until about halfway through cleaning this morning. Nothing wakes you up quite like noticing two glowing eyes staring at you from the shadows!

Shaggy continues to be suspicious of everyone talking about this fun weather.

While Tuckerman totally adores the heated cat cabins, he'll come out every now and then to soak up the sun! Today, he kept busy enjoying those rays.

Watson spent some time with his friends King and Tut trying out their den today! I think he likes how big it is, since it's meant to fit two kitties instead of just one. I love seeing where each kitty prefers to nap!

Yolk continues to try and figure us out! I think he's starting to get the hang of things. He discovered the window seats today and really liked getting some fresh air. 

Zelda really loves her basket in her condo! She's going to hang out with us for a few more days, and I'm so glad to spend more time with her. She's a gentle little lady that is just a joy to be around.

Well folks, that's it! The LAST blog post of 2021! What a year... We here at AMK continue to be immensely grateful for all of your support in our small business endeavors this year. As just a small handful of staff members who have a love for kitties, your continued support in these uncertain times has meant the world to us. We really couldn't do it without you! I personally am so glad to have met so many wonderful cats and their fantastic humans this year. Thank you so much for trusting us to care for your babies, and I look forward to continuing to do so in 2022! We'll see you Sunday for our FIRST post of the year! 


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