Saturday, December 25, 2021

December 25, 2021

 December 25th    

Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas! All of our furry friends are celebrating as well! 

The Office Party!

It is the most wonderful time of the year! And all of our furry friends are playing with their new toys and sharing! What a great office party! 

Apollo did a good job helping me answer emails and working on the blog! He is definitely the cutest assistant I know! He also made some friends with Jubilee and Beesly! He was a little confused why Jubilee had he spot on my lap but he was willing to share!

Bella and Luna has been exploring all day! When Bella is not exploring, she is playing with the new toy! Meanwhile, Luna is demanding all of the love and I am glad to give her all the cuddles she wants! She has also been kind enough to help me with the printer! 

Beesly and Cooper have been out and about today! They have both warmed up to me and love to play! Cooper loves his condo while Beesly is off exploring! They are having a lot of fun meeting other cats and playing with their toys! They have been kind enough to share with everyone! 

Hana and Yuki are on the move! Hana loves the bed by the heating vent and she has claimed it for the past couple of days! All the other cats know it is hers! Yuki, on the other hand, has not settle on a spot yet! She loves the window boxes but is not committed to being out in the cooler air!

Jubilee has made a new BFF! Jubilee and Apollo are always hanging out together! They take turns who sits in my lap and helps me with the computer work! When Jubilee is not hanging out with me, he can be found in his favorite basket! 

Juli loves to help me with the filing when she is not busy playing with the other cats and toys! She is such a cutie! The photos of her helping me file are ridiculously cute! 

Mac and Octane love each other so much! When they are not hanging out together, they are busy playing with all the toys! We have a bowl full of toys and they love to take everyone out and play with each! They are always willing to share! 

Olive is settling in well! She is a little shy today and how can blame her, everyone is being very rowdy! She loves a good cuddle and some sweet talking! She is such a sweetie! 

Scout is another of our new arrivals! He is settling in well and loves a good treat! He has been exploring his condo today! He is not yet interested in exploring outside but I am sure he will soon! He likes to watch all of the other cats! He is very observant! 

Timmu is another shy guy! He loves hanging out with other cats! He has made friends with Bella and Apollo! He has explored everyone's condos and loves to nap at the very top and on the shelves! 

The Downstairs Party! 

The party downstairs! They are having a great time! They had a morning treat and a flock of sparrows visited the garden! Everyone was out on the catio watching the birds all morning! 

Prince Jammy was out an about today! He did some exploring inside! With everyone outside looking at the birds, he was able to explore everyone's condos in peace!

Arti and Mini have become great friends of mine! They are very happy with their own separate adventures! Arti loves to lay by the heating vent on top of the condos while Mini stays closer to home! They were not very interested in the new toys! 

Ben is back! He loves the heating pad that we put in his condo! I do not know if he will want to do any exploring when his heating pad is so nice! 

CC loves the camera! She knows how to work it and loves the lighting of the catio! Mango, on the other hand, is a little camera shy! It is difficult to get a photo of her as she is always in motion! 

Phil Collins is a wild man! He is always surprising us! You never know where is going to appear and it is never where you saw him last! We never see him move and we never see him in the same place twice! 

Cleo has a baby face! She looks like a kitten and it is too cute! She is always up for a good head rub and a snuggle! She loves the catio and was out with the rest of them watching the birds!

Greyson has decided that he is not about the condo life! He loves the lack of responsibility of being out and about! He loves his routine as well! Every morning and evening, he can be found at the top of the stairs and every other time, he is out on the catio! 

Harvey loves to judge our staff and the other cats! We are not cleaning up to his standards, he will let us know! The other cats are not playing with the toy correctly, he will show them how it is done! 

Jules is a cuddle bug! He is great! He always is friends with the new or shy cats! He shows them the ropes and all about food and comfort! What a great guy! 

King and Tut love the top of the stairs! Tut did some exploring today! He loves when he can have the inside to himself! King loves toys and the catio! Leo was kind enough to share and King was quick to bring the toys out to the catio! 

Leo is happy to be back! He loves his new Christmas toys! He got to open the blue one this morning and he loves it! 

Patrick is obsessed with the flock of birds in the garden! He has been watching them all morning! We bought out new toys and he had zero interest! He just wanted a bird! We were not able to give him one! He was disappointment but the birds were happy! 

Tofu is another one obsessed with the birds! He loves the catio and it just got better when the birds arrived! I am not sure if he will have any interest in coming back inside! 

Maggie loves everyone's else bed! Everyday, she choose a new condo to nap in! She comes out multiple times a day for a quick stretch and a good head rub before she chooses a new condo for her next nap! 

Watson loves the top of the stairs! He is not interested in coming down but that is alright because we will come to him! He loves snuggles and we will give him all he asks for! 
What a cutie!

Zelda wants to be where the action is! Everyone is outside, she is outside! Everyone is inside, she is inside! She loves toys almost as much as she loves people!

When Zolo is not bird watching, he is loving exploring! He loves the tops of the catio! We will have to convince him to come inside with food! 

Cat Fun Facts! Christmas lights were invented in 1882, by Edward Johnson! And cats have been loving them since!

Please note! If you are coming to pickup on 12/26 or 12/27, there is a snow warning

Please do not come down our street! It will be too slippery! 

Park on 31st and call in! We will bring your cats up to you!

Have a Merry Christmas!



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