Tuesday, December 21, 2021

December 21st, 2021

 December 21st, 2021

Can you feel it in the air?! The holidays are drawing close! We are so excited to spend this season all warm and cozy with your sweet kitties! We even saw a little snow yesterday, and it looks like we may get a little more next week. We're keeping things merry and bright around here - take a look!

Apollo has spent his day napping sweetly atop the condos. He's one of the first kitties to greet me every morning when I come into the office - always so pleased to see a friend!

Artie and Mini are keeping up the trend of staying cozy today. I love seeing them share their den! Nothing like quality time with your sister. 

Baker and Kyrie continue to be total cuties every day. I recently  heard that at home, Baker is the more outgoing one. Here at AMK, he's usually more interested in staying cozy in their condo, while Kyrie loves exploring. I'm glad they each get to switch it up a little on vacation.

Bella is in love with the little bit of outside she gets by sitting in the window verandas! We're hoping to move Bella and Luna downstairs to enjoy the catio at some point, but while the condos are full down there, they still seem satisfied with the offerings of the office! Luna has been coming up to me and asking for pets a lot recently, which is so sweet to see.

My gal Blueberry is keeping busy today, making her rounds about the cattery to check on everyone. She is SO sweet to humans and kitties alike. Maybe I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again - what a great guest she is!

CC and Mango had so much adventuring to do today! Lots to see and do before winding down for nap time this afternoon. Hopefully they got all their errands done - it looked like they had fun doing them!

Lord Greyson simply cannot be parted with his basket... Except for when Mika stole it for a few minutes today. You can tell he wasn't thrilled, but he was a total gentleman and let her enjoy his spot for a while. 

Hana and Yuki often spend their days curled up in some den or another - rarely their own! Hana loves to adventure more than Yuki, so she had some playtime with a catnip rainbow earlier. Honestly, I just love seeing kitties actually PLAY with their toys. I feel like my kitties always prefer the plastic the toys come in!

This has been Jubilee's coziest stay yet. He hung out with Bella and Luna in their condo for a while. He's making friends, keeping company, and taking naps with his buddies this trip. Oh, and of course we had a good half hour snuggle this morning while I took care of the emails!

Oh, Juli! The best girl. I actually didn't take too many photos of her today because I was too busy petting her. We spent most of the morning together after I finished cleaning, her sitting peacefully in my arms while I got some work done. Juli, I'm your #1 fan.

1/2 of the twins - Juno! (I think!) Juno and Yue look shockingly similar, but something I've noticed is that they seem to understand that I'm going to get them confused - so they do their best to have different routines. It seems like Juno is more mischievous-curious, investigating the door and the top of my desk. Actually... She's napping above me now!

I caught Lumi totally snuggled in that blue cat cabin yesterday! She was staying nice and warm with the heated bed inside. With her long, thick fur, she's still staying warm out even when I'm not. This sweet lady loves her fresh air.

Maggie enjoys spending her days in her condo for the most part. She is much less interested in the cold, damp outdoors than some of the other kitties. She likes cozy bedtime with her fluffy blankets and beds much better!

Mika is kind of hard to pin down. She's got a very sophisticated vibe. I feel like she has a planner that she maps out her days in, and she doesn't like to get thrown off schedule. As you can see, she was taking her 10:15am outdoor basket nap this morning, and she was very confused as to why we showed up to take pictures when CLEARLY her photoshoot wasn't scheduled until 12:30!! Luckily, all is forgiven by dinner time. 

Patrick has been bouncing off the walls today. With his most playful friend gone, he's having to keep himself entertained since no one is quite up for the level of tomfoolery he's interested in. Thankfully, we have lots of toys laying around to interest him.

Handsome Schatzi! I love how opinionated Schatzi is. He's gotten quite comfortable with us now that he's stayed here a few times, and he definitely has preferences on how his day goes. He likes to be the first kitty to roam around in the morning so he can get back to his condo for a good nap when everyone else gets up.

Tofu seems to be enjoying the catio more than I expected! I am not a huge fan of the cold, but I imagine the heated beds in those baskets compensate pretty well for the windy chill. 

We have discovered that Watson really likes his condo! This is his first time staying in the downstairs portion of the cattery, and I think he's a fan. He's positioned right at the top of the stairs, so when he sits on this little ledge here, he has a great view of everything going on - right from his room!

Yue, the other half of the "twins" in the office, tends to sit away from me when I'm taking pictures of her! To be honest, I hadn't particularly noticed until I was looking at these photos just now, but wow. I wonder if she's camera shy? Regardless, she knows which condo is hers (which really helps me tell the difference between her and Juno!) and she is very happy to hang out in her own space when she's bored with exploration.

My girl Zelda! I was so excited to hear she was coming to stay with us for a bit this week. I think she could tell, because when I came downstairs earlier today, we basically had an entire human interaction together. I came by to say hi, then started chatting with a coworker, and she politely tapped me on the arm to let me know she wasn't quite done with our greeting. When I turned to face her a bit more, she wanted to hop up onto my shoulders! I can't tell her no, so she hung out there for a second while Greyson came up to me and wanted some pets, too. I felt like a Disney princess in that moment, surrounded by sweet kitties just wanting a moment of love!

I'm feeling so thankful for all these sweet kitties surrounding me this holiday season. What a joy it is to get to care for them! Learning their different personality quirks and preferences is one of my favorite parts of the job. Anyway, enough from me - we'll check in again on Thursday to see our holiday gang grow even more!


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