Saturday, September 11, 2021

September 11, 2021

 September 11th

Happy Saturday, Everyone! Our furry friends are settling into weekend with a lazy day!

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, I though to a story of the cats who were at Ground Zone. Please check out the link if you are interested, there are a ton of articles online!

Archie H. is such a cuddle bug! He loves laying in his condo and letting the affection come to him! 

Archie K. is settling in well! He loves cuddles and naps in his condo! He is not very interested in exploring yet but he has plenty of time!


Astro loves his window seat! He would be in there all day every day if it was not for the promise of food and cuddles! 

Oliver and Clara are off exploring today! He loves looking out all of the windows! And loves nosing around other's condos! 

Baker is such a lover bug! He loves his condo, his bed, and a good scratch behind the ear! 

Bella is a model and she knows it! She is always finding new ways to pose and where the best lighting is! 

Bisbee is knows what he wants and where to get it! He loves the window seat and the bed next to our office computer the best!

Blueberry was off to explore the catio today! She decided that she liked the green cat cabin the best!

Blueberry and Enzo watching a bird together!

Charlie C. is back and settling in well! She has decided that she likes Clara and Oliver's condo best! 

Chloe loves the tops of the condos! She especially likes the one by the stairs because she can see everyone come and go!

Ella loves her condo! She wasn't very happy with me when I accidentally woke her to take a picture! But she got the program very quickly and started to pose!

Enzo was exploring the catio today! Usually, he loves to hangout with Roscoe but today he decided to branch out and make friends with Blueberry!

Kyrie is off exploring today! It was hard to get a second picture of her today as she was zooming around! 

Leo has settled in well! He is such a good little explorer! He loves to climb and zooms around the place with his new friends! 

Maiq and Miur have done a lot of exploring today! They are settling in well and are too cute!

Midnight Star loves the catio! She is out there every chance she gets! She always runs back to her condo in time for dinner though! 

Missy decided for a lazy day!

Moses and Sailor were out and about today! Sailor has become my friend and decided to nap the afternoon away on my lap as I worked on the computer! 

Nando came down to explore the lower levels of the office today which is rare! He loves to poke his nose in other's condos!

Patrick and his zoomies are now legend! He now has a following of other cats and they all run around like crazy in the morning!

Pepito has a favorite basket! First thing in the morning, he runs over to claim it as his own! 

Pluto loves the top of the stairs! It is a little bit quieter and he is a bit of a shy little boy! He loves chatting with us and cuddles! 

Roscoe is such a ham! He knows how to work the camera and get the best shoots! 

Sarge was a little grumpy today! I think he is missing his afternoon naps in the sun!

Smokey did some exploring this morning and then decided to spend the rest of the afternoon taking it easy! 

Spark is settling in well! He loves his condo! He always spends the first few days exploring his condo before he starts exploring outside and that is what he decided to do today! 

Tubs is such a sweetheart! He loves cuddles and the catio! He is always the first one down to greet anyone who comes outside! 


Fennel was out and about today if only to find a better place to nap! It is always so cute when she follows Shibden around! 

Shibden has settled in well! She loves to explore and nap under the heat of the lamps! 

Watson has found his favorite place for a afternoon nap! Even me taking pictures would not disturb him! 

Gracie is a girl of simple needs! A good condo, a good bed, and a good head scratch! 

Charlie Moonshadow was off exploring today! It was hard to get a good picture of him as he has been in motion all day! He is very sweet! 

Cat Fun Fact! Cats use their whiskers to “feel” the world around them in an effort to determine which small spaces they can fit into. A cat’s whiskers are generally about the same width as its body. (This is why you should never, EVER cut their whiskers.)

See you all on Monday!


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