Wednesday, September 15, 2021

September 15, 2021

 September 15th

Happy Hump Day! 

Our furry friends are having a great day! 
The cooler weather is making them some extra energy! 

Archer and Janeway are doing great! They love to explore and have been running around like crazy today! They like to greet every cat that comes in or who is heading home! 

Archie has discovered the window box and he loves it! He has spent all morning chattering and chirping at the birds and bunnies in the garden! 

Basso did some exploring of the closet this morning but he was more interested in cuddling in his bed while I gave him some cuddles! 

Bella tried to climb into every food bag that left today! She was very curious about why her friends were heading home! 

Enzo loves to explore the condo right after a clean them for a new cat! I kept having to move him out of the clean condos! 

Charlie is acting like her old self! She loves to explore condo 09A out of all the other ones! She is always sure to head back to her condo for the afternoon! 

Chloe is back in her favorite spot! Yesterday, she decided to hangout in her condo for the most of the day saving energy to go on big adventures today! 

Cosmo and Coco love their condo! They explore every morning but every afternoon they are cuddling in their condos! 

More picture of Cosmo and Coco 

Dexter and Pepper are settling in well! They have been busy exploring today! 

Frankie has done quite a bit of exploring this afternoon! She especially loves the window box in the sun! 

Coco Bean and Ian have done some exploring this afternoon! They has decided that they like their condo the best! 

Maiq and Miur have been exploring the catio today! They napping on the top of the catio! 

Missy and Sarge were super cuddly today! So we gave they all of the love! 

Moose is back! And we have missed him! He has been super sweet little explorer! 

Moses loves his condo! He is not very interested in being friends yet but he loves to talk with us! 

Nando hates when the door to the closet is closed! He does gotten very good at opening the closet door although he never goes inside! 

Nina is such a sweetie! She loves to explore almost as much as she loves her condo! It was hard to get a photo of her as she is consistently in motion! 

Ollie and Otis are settling in well! They love to explore (while not eating fabric) and taking naps together! 

Roscoe greets every client that came into today! He is very polar and he knows it! 

Sailor was helping me with the blog today! She loves to sit in my lap with her head of the back of my hands as a work of the computer! 

Smokey loves his condo but he will always up for a good head scratch! 

Spark is out and about today! He is settling in better and decided to make friends with us! 

Tubs has his favorite cat cabin! And he always ready to welcome you for a visit! 

Cat Fun Fact! In Turkey, they build these houses so that stray cats don't get cold at night!

There is a great documentary on Youtube about stray cats in Turkey called "Kedi"! Be sure to check it out 😀

See you all on Friday! 

AMK Team

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