Wednesday, September 1, 2021

September 1st, 2021

It's fall, yall! Well, not technically, but September rings in a new school year, cooler weather, shorter days, and pumpkin spice. It's only right that we kick off the fall season with a celebration of our favorite pumpkin spice kitties - it's Ginger Cat Appreciation Day!

We only have two orange kitties with us today, but both of them are total sweethearts. Take a look at what everyone's been up to today!

Braveheart, as usual, is being the most purrfect and beautiful model for the camera. She's a real sweetie! One of my personal favorites to have around. 

Here's ginger cat #1 - sweet Louie! He and his brother Dizzy have settled in well. They're another favorite duo of mine. Dizzy ALWAYS spends his days in our cat cabins on the catio, and Louie usually explores the cattery, making sure to say hello to customers coming in!

Our second ginger cat, Miss Ginger herself, was so photogenic today! She and her sister Pepper are such lovely ladies. Pepper tends to hold down the fort in their condo for most of the day, but she did pop upstairs for a bit earlier. 

Jinx, the king of the catio, has found many good nap spots today. I always make myself laugh when I say "Hi, Jinx!" when he walks by, because it makes me feel like I'm calling him "hijinks". Luckily, he's not up to any funny business!

Midnight Star and Pepito have had a nice day today. Midnight actually hung out on the stairs for a bit, but I couldn't quite catch a photo quick enough. Pepito has been a camera hog, making sure we catch all his good angles. 

Sarge and Missy took some time to soak up the sun out on the catio today. Even though they share a condo all evening together, they still chose to hang out near each other today. Sweet kitties!

Mittens found a great shelf to nap on outside today. It's a different shelf than her usual one! She's sharing with Oyster this afternoon, which is very sweet of the two of them.

Mowji has kept up her trend of hanging in her condo, but when she sees me, she starts purring. She doesn't always want pets, but every now and then we have a sweet snuggle session.

Orca has been very quietly, timidly exploring the office today. I'm so proud of her! She's a very sweet kitty, and I haven't heard her be grumpy even once. She's taking things at her own pace, coming over for hugs and love when she gets bored. 

Here he is, big man Oyster! Sharing his shelf with Mittens like a sweet boy. He's a big, handsome guy who keeps to himself for most of the day. Very well behaved!

Miss Rufina just joined us earlier today. She seems to find her lodgings adequate, at least. That den sure does look comfortable!

Watson is a newbie here that joined us right around dinner time yesterday. Today is his first day free to explore, and he's taking things slow like Orca. He's so sweet to me, and is slowly gaining confidence to roam outside of his condo!

We hope you all have a wonderful Ginger Cat Appreciation day today! We sure are - and we're appreciating all the lovely kitties we get to hang out with here at AMK! Lots of new friends are joining us this afternoon, so we'll have plenty more furry faces to show you on Friday. See you then!


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