Tuesday, September 7, 2021

September 7, 2021

 September 7th 

All our furry friends are having a great start to the week! We hope yours is just as good 😀

Astro is doing great! He loves the windows and snuggling up to other cats! He especially likes Bisbee even if it is not reciprocated!

Baker loves his condo! He is always ready for a snuggle or a head scratch! 

Bella loves being on the top of condos and watching us from above! 

Bisbee has settled in quickly! He loves the office and exploring every corner of the room!

Blueberry is being her adorable self! She loves food, cuddles, and the catio!

Enzo loves hanging out with Roscoe! Maybe it is because they are both bengals but when Roscoe is on the catio so is Enzo and they hangout in the condos together too!

Kodiak is the king of sunbathing! He loves taking in the last of the summer rays on the catio!

Kyrie is out and about today! She loves being up high in the catio!

Midnight Star loves the catio! Every afternoon she runs back inside in time for dinner but otherwise she is outside! 

Missy decided today was a lazy condo type of day! She loves napping on the top of her basket!

Moses and Sailor are settling in well! They are not super interested in exploring outside of their condo yet but they are warming up quickly!

Mowji and Watson have become good friends! They have spent almost the entire day together! We love when our furry friends find their BFFs!

Oliver is settling in well! He loves hiding under his blanket watching me work and long snuggles! 

Patrick had the zooms again today! He has been running around and exploring all day! 
What a wild dude!

Pepito has decided that he would follow Midnight out onto the catio today! He is another that loves laying out in the sun!

Phoebe was out and exploring today! She found her new favorite place for her traditional afternoon nap! 

Roscoe was working for the camera today! I had to add more of the photos because they are too good!

Sarge is back to his usual haunts! He is such a funny when he is demanding a head scratch! 

Zeus is settling in well! He did a lot of exploring this afternoon!

Zuko was also off exploring today! He was out and ready to socialize! 

Cat Fun Fact! Cats have up to 100 different vocalizations 

— dogs only have 10!

Have a great rest of your week!



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