Monday, September 13, 2021

September 13, 2021

 September 13th    

Happy Monday, Everyone! Our furry friends wanted to get into the week right! 

Before we get into that, we wanted to share a little bit of what the staff got up to this weekend! Two members of our summitted Mt. St. Helens' on Sunday and you can believe all they did was talk about our cuties the whole way up! (Angela is taking the photo and Mallory is being pointed out in the background!)

Archer Bearcat and Janeway are back and have settled in quickly! 

Archie H. went exploring today and found out that he loves the catio! 

Archie K. is such a home body and loves his condo! He loves his bed and lots of love!

Baker is a bit of a home body! He loves his condo and is always willing to give a hug!

Bella is such a cutie! She knows what she like and she is always letting us know what we can give her! 


Miur and Maiq were out and about today! They both did some good exploring and I think they have found their favorite places! 

Bisbee and his window seat! Can he get any cuter!?!?

Blueberry decided to have a lazy day! Every time someone would walk passed, she made sure to call out and get some love! It was too funny! 

Charlie M. and Gracie hanging out together! I am not too sure how much Charlie liked someone in her space but Gracie was more than happy for a new friend! 

Chloe has found her favorite spot! She spent the entire day watching us from the top of the tallest condo! 

Coco and Cosmo are settling in well! They did a bit of exploring this morning and then came back to their condo for an afternoon nap! (Cosmo was being camera shy and Coco was being a ham so you cannot see Cosmo in either pic!)

Enzo was in the exploring mood today! For a lot of the day, he was very curious about what we were doing and settled on watching us clean! 

Gracie was did some exploring today! Be sure to check out the photo of her and Charlie M. above! 

Kyrie has also found her favorite spot in a basket at the top of the stairs! 

Missy is an old hand at the photo and knows where the best morning light is for her photo! 

Charlie Moonshadow did a lot of exploring this morning and spent the rest of the afternoon napping! 

Moses is still a little shy! He loves his condo and is always ready for visitors! 

Nando loves to explore in the afternoon! He loves to sit at the window and look for birds!

Oliver was surprised when I tried to take a photo of him napping on the floor! He looks very offended! 

Pluto has decided that he loves his condo! He is very content to get snuggles and watch his neighbor Roscoe roll around on the floor!

Roscoe has found a new toy and he loves his banana! He played with it all day! 

Sailor was very playful today! She loves to play with the rags as I clean and steal my chair! 

Sarge is his new favorite napping place which gets nice morning sun! 

Shibden and Fennel were everywhere I looked today! They finally decided on a afternoon nap on top of the condos!

Smokey looks like he was caught red handed stealing away that basket! What a funny guy!

Spark says, "Excuse me, Miss! May I have a head scratch!... Good now, dismissed!"

Tubs loves the very back of the catio! 

His favorite place is in the basket at the highest point!  

Thanks for joining us and we will see you on Wednesday! 


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