Saturday, September 25, 2021

September 25, 2021

 September 25th

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

We are getting into sweater weather and our furry friends are loving it! They all love the heated pads in all of the baskets and cat cabins! Snuggling in colder weather is the best! 

Ani is settling in well! She has had fun exploring her condo and spent the afternoon napping in her basket!

Anubis and Azizi are doing well! Anubis is running around exploring while Azizi loves to relax in his condo! They both love the snuggles! 

Basso loves the window box and playing with our box of toys! Unfortunately, I did not get a good photo of him playing so we will have to enjoy these cute pictures of her napping! 

Bayley loves hanging out in the window box! She is very vocal and is sure to tell us what she wants! 

Beanie is not very interested in exploring although Beanie is always welcoming visitors! He loves a good snuggle or head scratch! 

Bird is being her usual adventurous self! She loves running up the stairs! She is very fast!

Chip is settling in well! She has not been very interested exploring outside of her condo yet! 

Cindy is a very vocal girl! She tells us what she wants and when she wants it! Mostly she wants to sit in the window box and watch the work in the garden!

Dorothy found a good place to take a nap and she is not happy that I interrupted that! Her face says, "Can you not see I was sleeping?!"

Fennel and Shibden are back and settling in well! They are happy to back! They explored most of the morning and then decided to have a good joint afternoon nap!

Frankie is a queen of the office! She monitors all the younger cats and loves to watch all the activities! 

Lord Greyson is back in his favorite napping spot! He loves the napping under the warmth of the lamp! 

Jessica is settling in well! She is not very interested in exploring yet but she loves her condo!

Jon Robie loves scratches and snuggles! He will come to the door of his condo and make sure you know that it is time to give him some love!

Lillie loves her condo! Stormy will go exploring and Lillie is happy to welcome her home! Both of them are very funny napping buddies! In the last photo, Stormy is asleep with her hanging off of the shelf! I wonder how she finds in comfortable! 

Loki was all about exploring today! Every nook and corner has been thoroughly investigated! 

Maks loves napping in other condos! Every day he chooses a new condo to make his own!

Merci is another explorer! She loves the top of the stairs and running up and down them!

Mia is settling in well! She has taken the day to explore the catio! She loves the cat cabins and has spent the afternoon napping in one of the cabins!

Missy has done some exploring this afternoon! She decided to take a afternoon nap in the sun!

Mochi is wild women! She is very high energy and loves to explore! She loves to play!

Duck is more of a quiet buddy! He loves taking naps on the tops of the condos and on the shelves in the office! Mochi and he are good friends!

Moose has settled onto the catio and he loves it! He loves the heated blankets and beautiful breeze!

Nittany is such a sweetie! He loves getting all the love and we love giving it to him!

Obi is settling in well! He has done a lot of exploring today! He loves to be the lookout on the highest shelf or condo!

Quincy headed home today! We will miss him and hope that he comes again soon!

Rizzo loves to seat by the door and greet everyone who come through the gate! He has become quite the celebrity and should consider working in the hotel business!

Sarge is watching us clean and is quick to jump in if it is time for us to take a break to give him pets! 

Bonus photos of Stormy and Loki under the office computer desk chilling together!

Cat Fun Facts! Cats have the largest eyes relative to their head size of any mammal!

Have a great rest of the weekend and we will see you on Monday!


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