Thursday, September 23, 2021

September 23rd, 2021

September 23rd, 2021

Well friends, it is officially fall! The first day of Autumn was yesterday, and we're all in the pumpkin spice spirit around AMK. Let's see what the kitties have been up to in this delightful fall weather.

Anubis and Azizi have different approaches to their day. Anubis excitedly started exploring the first chance he got, while Azizi needs to warm up a bit before heading out of the condo. He did do a bit of exploring today, coaxed out by his supportive brother.

Every now and then in the afternoon, I'll hear a soft, gentle snore... It's Basso, taking his daily afternoon nap! He's such a big sweetie, a lovely guest to have around.

The best part of the day is always some Beanie cuddles! This brave and handsome little guy went out on the catio today to see what the world has to hold. He's always ready to head back to his condo for a good cuddle session before dinner, though.

Bird has been totally cracking us up today. She's got such a huge personality, and she's spent the day showing it off. Bouncing around the catio and the stairs, this girl loves some attention!

Sweet Miss Dorothy found a good shelf to hang out on today and made herself comfortable. She likes getting to watch what everyone is up to.

Duck is with us once again, and loves his shelf in his condo! This condo has a good view out the window, so I think he seems pretty content with his vacation home. 

Frankie did the usual today - nuzzled in her condo for a bit, hung out in the window box, and made her rounds about the office before settling back in for an afternoon nap.

Handsome man Jon Robie loves his den. He's typically out exploring during the day, but I caught him as he curled up for a sweet nap.

I am determined to make Lillie and Stormy my new best friends. Lillie is totally on board with me already, cuddling up and soaking up all the pets. I haven't won Stormy over yet, but maybe Lillie will put in a good word for me.

Lord Greyson is soaking up the sun out on the catio! His favorite spots here at AMK are always somewhere up high where he can see the world. 

Maks loves staying cozy in his own condo, but he had a friend (Merci) come to visit for a bit today!

Merci was a proper world traveler today, finding all the nooks and crannies to hide in and nap upon! What a cutie!

Sarge and Missy are having a great day today. Sarge has been out and about a bit, while Missy is holding down the fort back in the condo.

Mochi has so many cute faces!! She likes her condo a lot, but she also came out to sit in the window veranda for a moment today. It's fun getting to see things from that perspective.

Our buddy Nando! He has warmed up so much the longer he stays with us. He and I had a long cuddle session yesterday.

Nittany was a total ham for the camera today, rolling all over the place, happy to say hello! He's a sweet pea, it's nice having him around.

Doesn't Quincy look like the most regal lion? His domain is the catio. He loves his shelf in his condo, too, but there's nothing like some fresh air on a lovely fall day!

That's our gang for now, folks! We'll see you again on Saturday with more sweet kitties.



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