Friday, September 3, 2021

September 3, 2021

 September 3rd

Happy Friday! 

It is the end of the great week and all our furry friends are excited for the long weekend! 

I found a quick historical fun fact while hunting for our kitty fun fact! Today in 1777 was the first time that the American flag was flown! 

This kitty will lead the charge! Onto our furry friend's day!

Almond is back! He is settling in well and acting like he never left! We are happy to have him back! 

Baker and Kyrie are settling in well! They like the quiet of their condo most of the day but they do like to explore in the morning!

Beau is loving his condo! He loves long naps and it sure to be exploring his condo in the late afternoon!

Bella is a great explorer! When in doubt, you must look up! 

Ben is settling in well! He loves the window seats and has spent the majority of his day napping in the sun!

Blueberry is such a silly kitty! She loves demanding pets and play time! She is always lounging by the door so she can greet everyone! 

Dizzy loves the catio! He loves watching the bees and butterflies come into the garden!

Ginger is always on the move! She loves napping in the sun and climbing to great heights! Today, Pepper decided to follow her! Nothing is better than to have an adventure buddy! 

Harvey is back and settling in well! He loves napping behind the condos! As soon as you say his name, he will poke his face out and let you know where he is!

Jinx claimed his favorite climbing post by the front gate! There he can greet everyone that comes and goes without moving!

Kiwi is back and settling well! He loves his new condo and is taking full advantage of his new bed! 

Kodiak is living life large! He is enjoying the rays of summer! 

Louis is being his usual helpful self! Making sure that he is monitoring the cleaning and scooping of every litter box! 

Maxwell is a little of the shy side! He does not like to explore but he is always willing to cuddle! 

Midnight Star has been doing a lot of explore the last couple of days! She loves climbing to the top self and observing the rest of us! 

Missy was also out and about today! She spent most of the day out on the catio! 

Mittens is being her usual adorable self! She knows she is cute and how to use it to her advantage! 

Mowji was being extremely playful this morning going as far as to steal toys from her neighbors' condos! After all that work, she is taking a well deserved afternoon off! 

Orca in her two favorite napping places! In the window seat or in my lap as I work on the computer! What a cutie! 

Patrick got the zoomies this morning! He did all of his exploring at the speed of light! What an energic guy!

Pepito was never mellow today! He knows the routine now and what he likes! 
He is always quick to ask for what he wants! 

Phoebe is settling in well! She loves her condo and is happy to watch us all from the comfort of her bed! 


Enzo has made friends with Roscoe! Maybe they are having a Bengal conspiracy! 

When Roscoe is not conspiring with Enzo, he is exploring or napping of course! He is trying not to be too suspicious! 

Between naps, Rufina demands very close up photo shoots! In the pictures, you can tell that she is saying, "How dare you wake me for something so trivial! Oh wait! Get a close up!"

Sarge is being his usual self! Demanding all the love and lounging about the catio! What a life!

Watson has decided to explore today! He has discovered the tops of the condos and I am not sure if he will ever come back down! 

Zelda is having a lazy day! Yesterday, she did a lot of exploring so today she decided to sleep in late and make a day of it! 

Zuko is back and settling in well! He has been napping in his carrier all afternoon! 

Cat Fun Fact! Cats walk like camels and giraffes: They move both of their right feet first, then move both of their left feet. No other animals walk this way.

We will back on Sunday!

Have a great weekend! - AMK TEAM 

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