Friday, September 17, 2021


 September 17th, 2021   

Happy Friday, everyone! Time for the weekend!

It's a chilly and damp day here in Seattle - it's starting to feel like fall! The kitties with us today are all keeping cozy and warm. Let's take a look!

Archer and Janeway both found nice comfy beds to nap in today. Janeway seems to have found a friend in Bella!

Handsome Archie has been an angel during his stay. He was shy when he first arrived, but has gotten very comfortable with us all here (and comfortable in his bed)!

Basso's a regular here at AMK, and he loves his little tent! He comes out every morning to make his rounds - checking out what others are doing before heading back to stay cozy for the day.

Bayley just joined us earlier today and settled in straight away to her comfy tent! 

Beanie joined us yesterday and seems to adore his little tent! Cozied up with a blanket from home makes for the best naps. He's been so sweet to me today! I noticed his paws were tucked so cutely underneath him, so adorable. I'm looking forward to getting to know him a bit better and showing him around the cattery when he's ready to explore!

Everyone's best bud, Roscoe, left this morning, but I think he opened Bella and Enzo up to a whole new world of making friends. These two have been especially friendly with the other kitties, and sweeter than ever with us humans, too. 

Ben is back! He's found plenty of good spots for naps today. He's been chatty while he explored, giving us the latest news on each comfy spot.

Cat Stevens seems to be adjusting to AMK life! She really adores snoozing in her carrier, so we've let her hang on to it for an extra day or two. It's nice to have a safe spot that reminds you of home!

Chef loves being anywhere and everywhere in the office! Up high, down low, and stealing my chair are all fair game for this explorer.

I just adore Chloe here. She's so soft and sweet, a tiny little lady who has our routine down and is always happy to get in a pet or two!

Coco and Cosmo have both had their own adventures today. Coco chose the indoor route, finding cozy spots to nap and observe, while Cosmo wanted the outdoor experience. The catio makes a good place to hang out, even when it's colder and drizzly!

Coco Bean and Ian are a wonderful duo, two kitties that are great at sharing their condo together! Ian has been desperate for cuddles today and has received as many as I can give him. Coco Bean tends to be more hesitant, but still comes around for a few noggin scratches when she's in the mood.

Dexter and Pepper are cracking me up today. Dexter likes to follow me around the office, helping with each and every task. Pepper is more independent, and enjoys the window seat. I caught Dexter eyeing the other window veranda a few times, but it seems like he hasn't figured out how to get into it. I think he consulted Pepper for advice earlier, let's see if he can make it happen over the weekend!

Miss Frankie kept to herself today, her den was THE place to be. Her condo is in a good location to see the rest of the office, so she doesn't even have to step out to get the day's news if she doesn't want to.

Jon Robie is also here with us again, and took today to really get his curiosity out. He found lots of unique spots to snooze in.

Maiq and Miur have different approaches to the boarding experience. Maiq wants to see the whole place, meet everyone, and be sure to get lots of attention. Miur prefers a nice, quiet spot on the catio to see the garden, and maybe accept a pet or two, if he's feeling social. He's very polite, and will share his shelf with other kitties if they'd like to join him.

Missy's face absolutely cracks me up in that first picture - she's got such a specific little cheesy grin on! Sarge and Missy each spent the morning curled up on top of their dens, able to see what's going on around them, but still comfortable.

Like many siblings, Moses and Sailor tend to need some time apart during the day. They cohabitate well at night these days, with Moses claiming the "bottom bunk" (aka, inside of the den) and Sailor leaning towards the top of the den for her naps. She also really likes exploring the tops of the condos, too, just to see what there is to see from up high!

Nando has stayed with us many times, and typically has an independent type of personality. However, every now and then if you catch him in the right mood, he'll take you up on an offer for head scratches and pets.

Ollie and Otis! These two boys have a slice of my heart. They've been snuggled in their beds today, looking absolutely cozy, but anytime I come by the condo to take a picture they're too eager to say hello and get some love! That's okay, I don't mind getting some cuddle time in.

Prince Jammy joined us yesterday, too, and I usually expect our newcomers to hang in their condos for a day or two once they get settled in, but Jammy wanted to explore! He found this heated den out on the catio and made himself at home. I'm glad to see he's getting comfortable!

Spark has been doing really well honing in his social skills! He's not crazy about snuggling up with anyone yet, but he's gotten really good at knowing when he needs some introvert time and heading back to his condo. He's a brave boy who will still explore the catio and interact with the other kitties, but he knows when he's done for the day.

Stitch! We love this goofy guy around here. He's really hard to take pictures of because he gets excited to see us, but I caught a few silly moments today. Earlier, he sniffed Coco's toe beans as an introduction (that surprisingly went very well - a friendship is afoot! 😆). He also spends a fair amount of his day out on the catio, but you can often find him wherever the people are, ready to say hello and hang around.

Theo is a strong, independent lady who likes to keep to herself. Luckily, her condo provides all the entertainment she needs. She's got a view of the catio and the main portion of the cattery, so she can keep an eye on the latest happenings without having to get involved. I always give her a few extra pats when I walk by - she's so soft!

Tubs totally had the right idea today. He got cozy in one of our heated cat cabins and had a really lovely nap! 

That's it for today, friends! I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and we look forward to showing off even more furry friends on Sunday. See you then! 


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