Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 18th

Arina =)

Jessica getting some beauty sleep.

Stella always wanting cuddles.

Puss'n'boots having a bath.

Kiki layin' low.

William Wallace and Brody starting an orange kitty club.

A little privacy?

Frankie and Indy getting some fresh air.

Frankie LOVES her toy!

Millie caught snacking on the plants again.

Twins! Frankie and Puss'n'boots.

Bentley loves Frankie's toy, too.

Tiger popping out to say hello!

Ziziou stretching.

Gomez showing off his playful side.

Coco's not amused by the toy, she'd rather sleep.

Peanut found a nice little house to hang out in.

Something caught Phil's attention.

Misha on the lookout.

Best buds.

Kitty getting some shut-eye.

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