Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 25

We had to move the cat post for some spring cleaning,...Frankie took this as a "new toy" 

Newcomers!! You normally don't see cats voluntarily going into their carriers..but these guys just love it as a hide out. 

Aw Muggins. You're right, its the perfect day for a nap in the sun.. 

Oh Lola just hanging out 

and she talks back sometimes too :) 

Indy keeping guard... 

Oka rather enjoy the sunshine from the convenience of her condo.. 

but Frankie's up and really to explore!

Katie settling in :) what a precious kitty!

Josie and her cat naps...she has the life!

Arena :)

Aw Baby! I love when a kitty comes to greet you!


Lady T is back! And knows to go right to the spot with the most amount of sunshine!

Aw Buster! 

did we wake you Josie?

Lulu catching some sun in one of the outdoor cabins 

Muggins keeping guard too 

here are our too best watch cats.. 

and our friendly greeter :)


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