Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 16

Aw Misha! funny how they like to hangout near the edges of things.. 


Coco just loves that cat bed 

Misha :)


such a straight on shot of Tiger! He's such a sweetheart 

Oh Misha and Phil exploring the place

Jessica was happy to claim her favorite condo again

not quite sure what Dora is doing in this one..but I thought it was pretty cute 

clean paws for Gomez

Jasper hugging his bed 


Gomez feeling a little shy.. 

Aww Bubba!! 

and William Wallace..funny how similar cats always end up getting along so well! 

siblings!! Tinkerbell and Jaime 

Brody exploring the outside 

Muggins! he made the smart call to go outside and enjoy the first of the sunshine 
Puss N Boots! He paused for the pose 

Lulu :)

Philbert at his best again! 

the yawwwnn 

Frankie! Another one of the kitties enjoying the gorgeous sunshine 

Kiki and snuggled up 


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