Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 11

I know there are quite a bit of photos for today's blog , but I couldn't resist 
how Dora managed this one, I'm not quite sure.. 

tasty tasty water! Brody 

My apologies to the little messes made by these tabbies! They were having a good time so I decided to let them be and photograph it first!

Sparta and Kika :) new friends 


Aww Hunter!

Arina defines lazy. this kitty is an absolute doll!

Arina and Lulu!

Cassini :)

Aww Newton!

Bartholomew and Bubba! These kitties are bonding over having the same favorite spot. 

the greeter: Buster


popping out to say hello... Jaime 

tabbies!!!! Dora and Kika

Sparta :)

Sophia! One of the few kitties enjoying the Seattle rain!

Frankie :)

Buster again!

Muggins :)

found you Bentley!

Babs...what's with all these kitties and their long tongues??

Misha came out to say hi :) she's one of our new guests, and an absolute sweetheart!

Aww Rusty hanging OUT of his favorite bed.. 

Baby :)

Rudy! Enjoying the fresh air :)

Tiger's favorite spot...on top of our printer 


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