Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2

all bundled up in there is Roo :) he looooves that blanket

Muffin has the sweetest personality AND makes precious little faces 

Minka and Igor

Igor determined to open the door with her teeth. she's a clever one 

Minka and Igor hanging out 

Arina came to join. these three have been following me around allll day!

Arina and Minka!

the perfect shot!


Minka :)

Now isn't Maggie just adorable?

Pudge in his favorite spot

These three are back again!

Lulu :) that second photo is just plain impressive! 

Pudge and Arina getting acquainted 


Igor and Arina! 

Igor enjoying the view 

Is that another cat I smell?

Buster :)

Eliza! Nothing keeps her from her favorite bed and the outdoors 


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