Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 4

making new friends! Rusty and Nugget 

Nugget our new guest :) He's making himself right at home 

Aww Roo and his precious faces 

Rusty back in his favorite spot 

Siblings Lulu and Arina :)

Lulu decided to venture out in the rain..Arina was a little smarter and stayed inside :) 

Aww Roo!

Tigerrrr! The perfect kitty for greeting all our customers when they walk in 

Bentley right at home!

Eliza in her favorite spot...we should really just reserve this for her at all times 

the Tabby's are bonding!! Gladys and Tiger!

Gladys :) Exploring the outdoor cattery on her first visit. She's fitting in great

Ozzie found his own quiet little spot to hangout 

Minka! So much awesome personality in one little kitty 

With all my efforts of putting a cozy cat bed where Pudge likes to hangout, he always picks the one spot WITHOUT the bedding. funny how that works. 

Igor :)

Arina!! and her sister in the background :)

Nugget's a little talker :) but he also seems to be warming up to us very quickly 

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