Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 14

Bentley! quite the stretch there

Frankie and Bentley

Aww Brody! 

Lulu and Poncho Villa all snuggled up by each other 

Brody! Just a charmer 

Stella :)

Dora is really protective of her water bowls 

Newton! this big guy is an absolute doll 

Bubba and Kiki.. Bubba always seems to find someone to buddy up with 

Cassini :)

Gomez!! Hugging the side of condo :)


Tinkerbell all curled up!


Kika popping out of the tent

Buster! first day here and back to his favorite spot 

Frankie is feeling very important in this photo 

Brody LOVES this cat post..can you tell?


Oh Muggins found his way to one of the outdoor cabins 



Lulu enjoying the view outside

Kika :)

found Arina sleeping like this... 

Tiger at his favorite spot..on top of the printer again



Hunter checking up on her buddy Kika 

Kitty all curled up 

Rudy went outside today to enjoy the sunshine, he looooved it 


Millie rearranged our towels in a way that was most comfortable for her.. 

Sophia! :) she's happy the sun came out too 


Baby and Misha :)

Phil is obviously quite comfy.. 

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