Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 7

Baby found her comfy quiet spot to hangout 

Rusty's throne 

Aw Tiger! Such a charmer 

Making new friends! Nugget and Tiger

This adorable one here is Hunter. 

Gladys! She absolutely loves people, and more importantly, being in front of the camera. It explains why in all her photos she is always coming at the camera. 

Hunter again, being adorable. 

Sophie knows exactly where to go the second she gets here. 

Lulu :) As content as can be

Sparta and Bartholomew! Our new guests 

Poncho Villa, hanging out in his usual spot 

Buster, the only one bold enough to step outside in this rain. 

Bartholomew is ready to explore the place!

Gladys here again!

Arina! She found a comfy spot to stay dry from the rain 

Gladys always knows when it's meal time. Here she is waiting patiently at the door. 

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