Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9

Hunter and Dora are best friends now!

Dora :)

Aw Hunter 

Sparta s


Sparta and Arina getting acquainted 

Lulu may be the most precious kitty ever. And we caught her just in time from waking up from a nap. 

Sparta enjoying another kitty's cozy carrier. 

Frankie all snuggled up!

Gladys, always the center of attention. 

Jamie back in her favorite spot!!

Bartholomew is absolutely awesome, and he seems super happy with the cat bed he found to hangout in 

We found Bab's a new favorite toy. 

where did it go?

Tinkerbell all snuggled up!

Poncho Villa always in this spot. And always posing like the kitties in the painting. 

Arina wanted to get RIGHT up in the camera.. 

Sophia found a cozy heated  basket outside

Aw Brody fitting in so well at first time here!

Rusty LOVES this spot. probably because of the heated basket below it. 

Aw Baby :)

Tiger! he LOVES this cat house, he might just take it home with him

Aw Buster, always our one kitty who loves to hangout outside no matter how chilly it is!

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