Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas 2020 at All My Kitties

 December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas from all of us here at All My Kitties! Around this time of year it becomes clear that there are two kinds of cats....

Nice cats....

And Naughty cats!

Of course all of our kitty guests here are in the nice cat category! 

Here's me, Bandit, Wiley and Saoirse feeling the holiday spirit.

Artemis enjoyed some pets while cozy in her den and also got out and explored today.

Minerva found some good spots to perch and observe the chaos unfolding below.

Nando is fond of hanging out at on top of condos and getting some good R&R in.

Bandit's been getting out of his comfort zone and appreciates the extra leg space and numerous pets from the cat wranglers.

Tofu is feeling festive and wishing everyone happy holidays!

Chewy and I took some more cuddling selfies.

Einstein relishes some good face scratches on the stairs!

Gizmo has really warmed up and had fun following me around and finding good places to lounge.

Harper has also been warming up to us
 and savors a good cheek scratch.

King and Puma got super cozy together out on the catio.

Kodiak kept himself busy today. 
He had probably too many snacks, love and outside time.

Luli has been having a blast with all of our toy options.

Luna is a total sweetheart
 and loves rolling around on the top of her condo.

Mack likes his favorite spot on the catio to watch the world outside.

Maggie loves attention and showed off some good rolling today.

We're so proud of Maxwell for getting out of his shell and enjoying all the playtime and lounging spots we have to offer.

He and Nina have become buddies
 and love to hang out and play together.

Nina and Luli have also been doing a lot of playing.

Persephone is starting to get comfortable. 
She even felt ready to explore a little today.

Wiley is a sweet gentle boy who loves having his cheeks pet.

Phoebe prefered to mostly stay cozy in her den, but got some good pets in anyway.

Puma found a great spot to hide among some boxes, but is still engaged in all the other cat activities.

Raffy is relaxing and relishing his privacy on top of a condo.

Roo is a longtime guest of AMK who also a lover of condo tops, especially when he can look outside!

Saoirse has been warming up and doing lots of exploring!

Stitch did some exploring too and found a great place to settle down and be comfortable.

Tut cozied up for a nap in one of our dens.

Vera is still getting used to it here, but she is always willing to greet us with a sniff.

Zoo is chilling right now, but he's been getting lots of playtime in today too.  He is a very active kitty.

That's all for today folks.  Hope you're having a very Merry Christmas and we'll see you again soon. 🎅🎄


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