Wednesday, December 23, 2020

December 23, 2020

Merry Christmas Eve (eve) kitty lovers! 

We've got a full house today and lots of kitty pictures to share with you!

We started the day off with a beautiful sunrise!


Wiley did a lot of chilling and enjoying the sun today!

Bandit has been a little shyer, but still likes to poke his head out for some quality pets!

Tut enjoyed lounging in one of our heated cabin dens out on the catio today!

And King prefered to stay indoors but has been enjoying lots of cuddle time!

Tofu is loving this window ledge spot where he can watch birds and bugs fly by!

Harper is still on the fence about me, but she's been doing some quality exploring of the office!

Stitch is also quite the explorer! Here he is checking out a neighboring condo!

Raffy just arrived today, and is still adjusting. But he's been here many times before and always warms up!

Puma has also gotten much more comfortable! Here he is on the roof of a cabin, checking out the catio.

Peresphone is still getting used to people and other cats being here, but has made herself nice and cozy in her condo!

Nina is straight chilling up on top of the office condos.

And so is Nando! He rolls around whenever he sees me come visit!

Minerva found a new place to sit and watch! She loves it!

She also likes to hang out in her familiar territory for pets and play time!

Artemis still prefers alone time, but when she's out she's moving so fast it's hard to get a good picture of her! Here are the best of the bunch for today!

Maxwell gets some playtime in with the feather on a string toy!

Nina watches and waits for her turn. They played together for a little bit today as well!

Maggie is a beautiful girl who loves her attention! We love how chatty she is.

Bonus outtake for Maggie with a fun blep

Mack has been loving the catio and enjoying the sun!

Luna and Gizmo went from hissy to being total lovebugs in less than a day!

Gizmo even got out and did some exploring!

Same with Luli, she's adjusting quite nicely and finding good lounging spots!

Kodiak likes to follow me around and seek pets all day!

Einstein has been loving this catnip toy! He spent a good amount of time kicking it around!

Chewy is a snuggly boy who loves to be held!

Ending with a group shot: This is Artemis, Stitch and Einstein. Less than half of all the black cats we have right now!

That's it for now everyone! Hope you have a purrffecct holiday, whatever you celebrate!


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