Tuesday, December 15, 2020

December 15, 2020

 December 15, 2020

Things are starting to pick up here at All My Kitties!

Maisie is one of our new arrivals, and she has discovered her den and is settling in!

Kodiak is another new arrival! He and I have been getting to know each other through the day

Zoo came in yesterday and is already comfortable enough to roll around and show off his belly!

Minerva and Artemis spent a lot of this chilly day curled up together! Minerva also gave Artemis lots of grooming while they were cozied up!

Chewy and I got lots of cuddles in like usual! He likes it when I hold him like a baby


Hobbes likes to stay up on top of the condos and observe the antics of everybody else through the day!

Milo and Missy mostly like to stick to their condo, but they always come out for some loving when I come by!

Nando has gone from being nervous and unsure to loving getting pets and standing on my lap!

Puma gives me a side eye when I interrupt his nap under the stars!

And lastly Rizzo has been a major sweetheart and loves to get pets and roll around next to me on the heated floor!

That's it today folks! Have a purrfect night and we'll see you next time!


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