Friday, December 4, 2020

December 4th

It's a beautiful sunrise at All My Kitties

This is Arti's favorite spot under the bedding.  Peek a boo Arti.

Hobbes is enjoying this beautiful day out in the catio.

Jinx loves to be high on one of our several perches. 

What's out there Mini?

Peanut is a new comer and still checking out new smells.

Nando is not too sure of me but loves mealtime's.

Shaggy is a good kitty.  He loves to roam the room but always returns to his basket for dinner.

Tough guy Oyster.

Oyster goes into Hobbes condo
 but Hobbes wants nothing to do with it.

Chewy has a large area all to himself in the catio.

Return guest Zolo came in yesterday and is reaquainting himself with the catio.  

King of the cat tree - Oyster

Mini and Oyster have a meeting at the cat tree.
I think Mini wants to be top cat.

 Lets hope for more lovely Northwest weather days to come.

your blog host - Marie

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