Sunday, December 27, 2020

December 27, 2020

December 27, 2020

We are loving the extra company for the holidays! Check out all of our wonderful cats!

Almond is striking a pose.

Aria is checking things out.

Minerva is loving the pets she is getting.

Minerva is stretching out of her den to get some attention.

A couple of cat parties!

Chewy is meowing at me to come down so he can sit on my lap.

Einstein likes to follow me around the cattery.

Gizmo really likes being in the food room.

Harper is opening up and receiving some pets.

Jack is hiding out in his den.

King 👑 likes this space.

Tut found a cozy basket.

Kodiak being super cute and fluffy.

Luli is just so sweet.

Luna likes to greet us every time we enter the cattery.

Mack says hi!

Maggie is loving her bed.

Maxwell is doing well and exploring the office.

Minerva adores being on top of the condos.

Interrupting Nando's nap for a quick snapshot.

Nina is such a darling kitten.

Pepper just arrived.

Persephone is warming up and letting us pet her.

Phoebe likes her basket and getting chin scratches.

Puma is a little scared of me. It's okay Puma!

Ron is such a handsome gentleman.

Roo making sure to see all levels of the cattery.

Saoirse has such pretty markings.

Me (Kara) and Saoirse!

Shiloh (Marie's cat) sleeping in the shape of a croissant.

Stitch and his new friends.

Tofu is exploring the office.

Hi Tofu!

Tuckerman just arrived today. Good to have him back!

Vera prefers the privacy of her den.

Zoo in the window box.

 It's good to stay hydrated!

Happy Holidays

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