Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Dcember 2nd, 2020

 December 2, 2020 

We're in a quieter period of time with only a few guests between now and the holidays, but there's still plenty of cute kitty photos to look at!

Minerva, or Mini has been super friendly! She always comes out to say hi and get some quality chin and ear scratches in!

Artemis, or Arti, has slowly been warming up! She still prefers a quieter spot and found a nice one tucked behind the condos where she can look out the window and watch birds go by! She's also been enjoying some pets not caught on camera.

Today's snuggle sesh with Chewy gave us some sassier, more serious selfies to enjoy!

Gulliver and I spent some time playing with this brush as I was cleaning today. He was super into it!

Hobbes did a lot of lounging in the sun on the catio today, and enjoyed the occassional pet from me! (when he allowed it haha)

Jinx has been here many times and has made himself at home immediately! He's enjoying our heated tiles, shoulder pets, and our range of den options. 

Susie is not so sure about laps, but enjoyed sitting next to me and getting pets as I worked at the computer today!

Millie is a little jealous--she's usually the lap cat in the office!

Nando enjoys some time looking out the window at one of our upstairs window boxes!

And Shaggy loves getting pets whenever he can, especially around the cheeks and ears!

That's it today folks! Stay tuned for more kitties every other day and hope you have a puurrfect evening tonight!


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