Thursday, December 10, 2020

December 10, 2020

December 10, 2020 

It's a snuggly overcast day here at All My Kitties! We don't have very many guests right now, but the cats we do have still keep us busy!

Minnie's getting comfortable enough to show off her belly and roll around on the heated floors!

Artie meanwhile still prefers to keep to herself, but is always eager and ready to come out and get pets, no matter where she's resting!

Chewy and I get some quality selfies in out on the patio! He loves this daily cuddle time!

Nando has been getting a lot more comfortable with us and enjoying some good petting. He's even now comfortable enough to stand on my lap! (No sitting yet, but we'll get there!)

Missy is also getting more comfortable and enjoying pets! 

Milo has been enjoying the catio, and found a good spot to sit and watch the birds in the garden!

Millie enjoys sitting in my lap and rubbing on the desk while I'm answering emails!

Hobbes likes to get snuggled up in his den in between watching me as I clean!

And Oyster went home today but not before I got this great shot of him showing this toy who's boss!

That's all today folks! Thank you for reading and have a purrffeect night!


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