Saturday, December 19, 2020

December 19, 2020

It's starting to fill up here at AMK!
December 19, 2020

Artemis rolling around joyously!

Artemis is cozy in her den!

Bandit needs another day or so to adjust. That's okay Bandit!

Chewy demands lap time!

Chewy says "stay with me"!

What a rad manicure, Gizmo!

Hobbes is taking advantage of our heated floors!

Kodiak's favorite spot!

Today is Luna's first day with us!

Maisie likes to hang out near the ceiling!

Hi Missy!

Hi Milo!

Hello Milo and Missy!

And Missy one more time! LOL

Minerva is ready for her nail trim!

And Missy again!

Nando checking out what's going on!

Nando found a comfy spot!

Nina is just too cute!

Puma prefers the catio!

Rizzo is the sweetest!

Sima likes to hang out in his condo!

Stitch has just arrived!

Tofu has the cutest name and makes me hungry!

Wiley getting to know the office layout!

Wiley enjoying the window perch!

Zoo's going home today!

 See ya later Zoo!

Happy Holidays!

All My Kitties

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