Thursday, December 17, 2020

December 17, 2020

 December 17, 2020

It was a very sweet and cuddly day at All My Kitties! Today is the last day of the calm before the storm of Christmas comes in. Keep a look out for a bunch of new faces that will be joining us in our next blog!

Starting off, we've got some fun selfies with Chewy! He was particularly snuggly with me today!

Hobbes likes to wait by the feeding room door expectantly when I'm anywhere near it. Sorry, Hobbes! No kitties allowed!

Kodiak had a varied day, getting out on the catio and also lounging and getting some good head scratches in!

Here's him and Rizzo sitting pretty together on one of our cat posts!

Maisie has been warming up to me and has started to roll around on the floor and enjoy herself!

Missy mostly prefers to stay in her condo, but has been getting out to explore the cattery a bit more!

Brother Milo likes to stick where he's comfortable in the condo, but has definitely been getting lots of love and attention!

Artemis has also been exploring and checking out some of the newer cats. Here she is meeting Kodiak from a safe distance

Minerva is a little more adventerous, and enjoys rolling around showing off on the heated floors! And of course getting all the pets she can!

We love seeing Nando's progress from when he first got here to now! He is much friendlier and eager for pets and has really gotten comfortable here!

Puma, on the other hand, is still not so sure about me, but loves our outdoor heated baskets!

Rizzo was super sweet and friendly today, and loves when I get down on the floor with her so she can rub up against my legs!

And Zoo also showed off his rolling skills quite a bit today, and was adorable doing so!

That's it today folks, next time we'll be getting into the Christmas rush!

Have a purrrrfect evening!


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  1. Thank you for having this blog here, I've really enjoyed reading about all the guests you have had, including my own...missy & milo...really looking forward to seeing them