Tuesday, December 29, 2020

December 29, 2020

 December 29, 2020

It's almost the new year! We're certainly excited for 2021 here at All My Kitties. Today though, it's chilly outside so we're taking it easy and getting cozy.

We had lots of snuggle bugs with us today!

Einstein and I (Hannah) got some quality cuddle time on the stairs together

Jack and I became fast friends and got snuggly within minutes of meeting each other!

Saoirse also got lots of loving and lap time today

And of course Chewy is always in the mood for some cuddling!

Some of us aren't necessarily lap cats but still love the pets and attention!

Luna yells at as us soon as we make an appearance until she gets her well deserved scratches!

Again we are very proud of how much Nando has come around and seeks pets from us!

Artemis is always peeping her head out of her den when we're nearby for some loving!

And Tut found a cozy basket to snuggle up in while he receives some nice ear scratches

Gizmo is another love bug who likes to follow me around and get all the attention he can get!

Some of us prefer to cuddle up alone

Waffles is still getting used to it here and mostly keeping to herself in her den

Maxwell is also warm and cozy inside of his den

Zoo was a little annoyed that I disturbed his nap, but was so comfy he didn't even lift his head!

Phoebe is also looking sleepy after waking up from a little snooze

Almond found a cozy spot for himself inside of his condo

Tucker is also staying warm and stretching out to get cozy in his den

Vera is still a little unsure, but seems to enjoy snuggling up with some warm bedding!

And Tuckerman prefers to warm up in one of our heated cabins out on the catio

A few more of our kitty guests braved the outside today

Aria found a nice basket from which to watch everyone else below her

King also found a nice high spot up above us on the catio!

Luli watched what was going on outside from one of our window perches in the office

Some of us are a little more playful today than sleepy!

Marvin did some fun exploring across the tops of condos

Minerva had a fun time playing with my fingers from up on top of the condos!

Nina enjoyed playing with our house cat Fairy under the door in the office

She and Maxwell also continue to play and wrestle!

Pepper found a fun spot to watch the cattery below

Persephone is warming up to us and now comes down to greet us when we come by!

Puma is another big fan of the top of the condos!

And Zelda likes sitting on the windowsill in the office and watching the birds go by.

That's it today folks! Have a puurrfeect night!


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