Monday, June 7, 2021

June 7th

 June 7th, 2021

What a better way to start the week than look at our adorable furry friends! 

Everyone was loving the cooler weather and very playful today!

Antoine has been the biggest fan of the catio! He is always chooses the spot where he can see everything and everyone. The cutest manager I've ever had :)

Francis has settled in well with his friends in the office. His favorite places are either in the window seat or on top of the condos!

Dexter has been a great explorer today! He has continuously been on the move today. Exploring every window, condo, and piece of furniture : )

Cooper has discovered everyone's favorite toy! But when you play hard, you need more than a cat nap. 

Harry Potter is settling in well. His first day in his condo has been magical! 

Michael has found his new favorite stop! We have had a lot of pick ups today and he has been vigilant for all them : )

Raleigh is leaving us this afternoon and we will miss him! He knows the routine and is always ready for cuddles :)

Sayyida is our new most vocal furry friend! She always tells us when and what she wants. She is settling in the other cats and sure to tell them the rules of her condo! 

Schooner is truly a cuddle monster. Although she is too shy to go exploring and she is always happy to have visitors :)

Spark has been an explorer today! He loves being high in the condos or in the closet! Wherever he can observe in secret!

Tali! What a playful girl! She competed with Francis for the favorite toy. In the end, they decided it was best to share :)

Taco was not interested in being social today! Nothing is better on a cool wet day than curling up with a blanket. Taco is living her best rainy day life! 

Grayson came out to say hi during his photo shoot! He has been taking it cautious making new friends and decided to take a leaf out of Taco's book today and spent it with a warm blanket :)

Mixy was not interested in having her picture taken today. She would rather be on top of the condos for her naps! 

Last but not least! Roxanne is very friendly! She is always there to help during cleaning and loves the cat cabins on the catio :)

Hope that this brightened up the beginning of your week! 
See you all on hump day!

AMK Team

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