Tuesday, June 15, 2021

June 15th, 2021

 June 15th, 2021

Happy Tuesday! Blog days are some of the best days of the week - what could be better than a good excuse to fill my camera roll with photos of sweet kitties?

Mr. Beau likes to take the day nice and steady, with lots of naps. He's been enjoying his den quite a bit this afternoon!

Bucky just joined us this morning. He's definitely already got his eyes on the catio, ready to go exploring tomorrow! 

Chloe also joined us earlier today. It's her first time downstairs, and she's settling in nicely to her cozy den!

Eve has been cracking me up today. I think she has become the unofficial third sibling of Archer and Janeway - they've been hanging out nonstop! Eve's white patches and short tail are the only things that make it possible to tell them apart.

Gabe is a first timer here at AMK and is loving it. He spends his days exploring the cattery, catio, and scratching on the posts! He really likes to follow me around.

Greyson was my little greeter today. He was ready on deck to welcome everyone coming in, whether they were drop offs or pick ups!

Gus is keeping it cozy in his den today, too. He got out to explore earlier this morning, and is spending his afternoon winding down with a nap.

Harry Potter is another one of my greeters. He will gladly interrupt any checkout to say hi!

Some kitties just know when the camera's out... Juno is one of them! She wouldn't stay still for me, but oh my goodness, isn't she cute rolling around?

This is Olive's first time with us, as well! She got up close and personal for her glamor shots. After taking a stroll around her condo, she's settling in to her den, waiting for room service to bring her dinner...

Oyster kept cozy in his condo today, too, though his preferred napping spot is on top of his den rather than in it!

Phil's favorite spot is his den. He comes out in the mornings to say hello to everyone and make his rounds, but he always makes his way back to settle in for a good day of surveying the cattery.

Miss Theo often acts shy when I come around, but she's quite the cuddle bug. She loves pets and attention! Don't tell her, but I caught her and Washi hanging out by the desk earlier today.

And last but not least, Washi! Washi has stayed with us several times, and gains more and more confidence with each stay. Today, he explored the office, and made a new friend! He and Theo are both a little shy, but they sniffed around each other earlier this morning.
What a great group we have today! Plus a handful of kitties that are headed home this afternoon, our gang of furry friends are keeping smiles on everyone's faces. We'll see you all again on Thursday! 

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