Wednesday, June 9, 2021

June 9, 2021

 June 9th 

Happy Thursday Everyone! We hope that your week in going well! 

All our furry friends at All My Kitties had had a great week!

Antoine is the biggest fan of the Catio! When in doubt check the highest point and you will find our new lookout! 

Cooper is being the cuddliest today! He is enjoying all of the warmest spaces in the office :)

Francis spent the morning in his new favorite napping bed on top of his condo! In the afternoon, he helped me filed my paperwork. What a chatty assistant! 

Grayson has really warmed up in the last couple of days! He is always supervising my cleaning and taking payment in head scratches :) 

Roxanne is very kind! She is always ready to make new friends even if they are not ready for her!

Harry Potter and Roxanne! The start of a beautiful friendship! 

Harry Potter is being very talkative today! Whether demanding rubs or making friend, you can always hear him before you see him: )

Mixy has been our greatest adventurer! Her explorations today have led her to the top of every condo! She really wants to explore that closet! 

Sayyida is being her usually bossy talkative self! She usually sits on my lap as a write emails or make trouble with her neighbors : )

Spark has found out that he enjoys the window seats the best! He spent all morning enjoying the sunshine in his window box : )

Tali is a very friend gal! She loves to play and enjoys all the cuddles!

Dexter was being shy today! He was decided he needed some time to himself and decided to take a nap under the desk : )

Theo is a new friend! She is settling in well. She is not interested in leaving her condo yet but she has gotten comfortable with her visitors!

Michael is our shy boy! He is very interested in exploring his condo and relaxing with other cats. He isn't as interested in cuddles but he loves sitting behind the computer : )

Hope these cuties helped with the mid-week blues! See you all on Friday!


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