Wednesday, June 23, 2021

June 23, 2021

 June 23rd 


As we near the end of June, our kitties wanted to show a bit of their rainbows!

I wanted to get a cat (not a statue) to wear the glasses but no one would! I will try again on Friday!

Almond is the king of the catio for the day! I do not think I saw him come inside all day! 

Beau is a very quiet man! He like it claim and quiet, the perfect observer : )

Bisbee claimed the window at the beginning of the day and has not given it up since!

Blee was the champion explorer today! There is no place in the office that he has not napped in : )

Boo is such a good dude! He loves watching and judging from a far but he always has something to say about it :)

Braveheart was ready for her photo shoot and said, "Wait! This is the better lighting!"

Chloe is with us one more night! We are so happy she is here! Such a cutie : )

Clovis is settling in well! Although he is not interested in cuddles, he loves his condo and blankets!

Dizzy was having a lazy stay at home kind of day! All he needed was a cup of tea and a book : )

Einstein has done a lot of exploring today! He is always on the move but he always checks in before his next adventure!

Frodo is all about friendship (or fellowship)! As long as he has his companions, he is happy : )

Joni is another new friend! And she is making friend straight from the start! Above you can see her and Frodo!

Kuma was so silly today! A little gymnasts tumbling around : ) 

Roger was not interested in the photo shoot until I mentioned food!

Kiwi has a lot to say and will let you know his mind! We have had many a good conversation today : )

Louie just wake up from a nap and has no interest in the photo shoot! We were sorry that we were only able to get one! Next time! 

Maks is a new friend today! He is settling in well. He said no to both his carrier and basket! 

Otis and Ollie spent the day relaxing! They love smuggling up with each other, a nice pillow, and if I am lucky, me : )

Oyster is heading home today! We will miss him!

Pan has just arrived! He is settling in well although he is still very happy to stay in his carrier : )

Pancakes has been very vocal today! He wants his cuddles and he is not afraid to tell you!

Primrose just joined us today! She has been very sweet! She has been busy exploring her condo

Luna and Terra have decided that they like the catio much better than the condos : )

Rocky decided only the profile would do for his photo shoot today and who can blame him. He looks like a Rockstar! 

Junebug is queen of the mountain! And there is nothing you kids can do about it! 

Samuel is also a new friend today! He loves his basket and is not ready to come out to say hi yet :)

Quarra is an old hand at this! She knows where she like to be and she goes there! No funny business here!

Edgar was our last arrival of the day and we are happy to have a new friend join us: )

Hope this brightened the mid-week blues! 
See you all on Friday!

AMK Team 

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