Saturday, June 5, 2021

June 5th, 2021

 June 5th, 2021

What a gorgeous Saturday it is here at AMK! Everyone's doing their own thing today, whether it's lounging on the catio or curling up in their beds. The purrfect Saturday vibes. 

Antoine is a bit shy, but really loves being high up on a shelf on the catio! Bird watching makes for a great pastime.

Miss Cleo has entirely stolen my heart. Her big, round eyes and tiny little smile brighten every day!

Cooper and Francis just joined us today and are scoping things out from their condo. The first day is always a little stressful, but they're already adjusting well!

Dexter and Tali have both made themselves at home in their little dens. It's a good day for a nap, and they sure know how to get snuggly.


An unlikely pair of friends, Higgins and Taco have been spending a lot of time together. Taco doesn't like to come out of her condo much, but she likes it when other kitties come to visit! Higgins is often hanging out on her top shelf, and Pumpkin likes to come by, too.

Jinx is a super friendly guy who has greeted every customer with cheer today at AMK. He's taking a well-earned nap now. Need to recharge that social battery!

I think I have finally begun to understand Katie. She is often yelling at me as I clean around the cattery, but I've just discovered that she may be trying to tell me something - she likes perching up high on the catio, and it seems like when she yells, she's letting me know someone else is in her spot. That's ok, Katie, your turn is coming!

Lord Greyson likes to hide up on top of this cabinet. He makes a dashing little gargoyle. We spent some quality time together earlier getting some good scratches.

Marley's decided that he'd like to nap with Tali and Dexter. There's always room for more!

Martin has gotten SO brave. He's a bit more on the shy side, but he's found fun nooks and crannies to hide in, as well as made a few friends!

Michael's little leg had me cracking up earlier today. He spent most of the morning curled in his den, but when I went to take a photo, I realized he'd moved! What a cutie. 

Beautiful Mixy has historically enjoyed staying in her condo during most of her stays, but this time she's taken a particular liking to being on TOP of the condos! Always a great spot to observe. 

Pumpkin is loving getting to explore, too! She followed me around a bit this morning, and befriended Taco and Higgins. 

I looked around for Raleigh for a long time before realizing he'd snuck into one of the dens! He typically likes being out on the catio in the sunshine, but there's no doubt a den makes for a great napping spot.

Rocky Rockstar just went home today, but not before I snapped this great photo of him enjoying the beautiful weather today.

I definitely woke Ron up from his nap, but I think he forgives me. He took the opportunity to explore a bit. 

My girl Roxanne is always a pleasure. She's comfortable as soon as she gets to AMK, and found a good spot for some sunbathing this afternoon.

I gave Schooner lots of pets today, and she rolled over and showed me her tummy. I wasn't quick enough to catch it on camera, but trust me, it was cute. 

Spark isn't sure what to think of everything, but this sweet boy knows he likes his comfy den. It fits him just right and he can nap the day away.

That's about it for us today, folks! We'll have more kitties to show you on Monday. Stay safe and have a great weekend!

AMK Team

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